Small Closet Space Organization

Almost exactly a year ago I posted images of my dream closet and of my not-so-pleaslantly-looking closet with large sliding mirrors as doors which made it extremely difficult to see what was in my closet in its entirety. It was frustrating going back and forth, sliding the mirrors left to right. Well, the problem has been solved! Before and after pictures below:

No, I did not move to a house with a walk-in closet nor did I convert my garage into a closet BUT you will be happy to hear that I managed to find away to make my small closet work for me. I am extremely happy with how my closet turned out. I decided to remove the book case that held my shoes and keep them in their boxes. They're now on the top shelf above the closet which you can't see in the picture. It's high up there, hidden and unreachable, that I need a step stool but it keeps the shoes in good condition. 

This wasn't easy. It was a process. I had to start by cleaning out my closet, as in I had to take absolutely everything out of my closet, leaving it bare naked. I went through all my clothes and separated them into two boxes: sell/donate and keep. I had clothes that I didn't even know I had, some which had me asking myself "What were you thinking?" It was time for me to get rid of some clothes and make some extra cash by selling them to a buy/sell clothing store like Plato's Closet or Clothes Mentor. After the tornado of clothes subsided, it was time to brainstorm on some storage organization ideas and then - TA DA! I present to you my newly organized closet.

1. Curtains. I removed my annoying and pointless large sliding mirrors and replaced them with black curtains. You can find curtains anywhere. Target, Ross, Wal-Mart, etc.

2. ClosetMaid cubes. Easy to assemble and affordable. I bought two: the 3 cube organizer and the 3 drawer organizer, stacked them on top of each other and done. You can find these also at Target or Wal-Mart. 

3. Storage Bins. It's the perfect way to store all my scarves. I love scarves and could not find a way to store them. I tried hanging them behind my closet. (Too clustered.) I tried hanging them on hangers. (Takes up too much space.) A storage bin made it easy for me to dig through all my scarves and they are easily accessible.

4. Double Hang Closet Bar. The perfect solution to an overflowing closet. I only bought one to use on the left side because of my storage bin on the right. I may need to move the storage bin somewhere else to add another hang bar. I'm already running out of room for clothes.

Thanks to Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube for the inspiration and a weekend with downtime, I now have an organized closet!