Friday, February 8, 2013

Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. If you’ve had your Twitter or Facebook account for more than three years, more than likely there are posts and/or photos that you are embarrassed about. You may not want future employers to see the past, immature side of yourself. You’ve grown into a mature, well-rounded young individual (at least, I hope you have!) who is looking to appear more professional in the social media world.

For starters, you may use Twitter for rants. I am personally guilty of watching a show (ie: The Bachelor) and live tweeting my comments or remarks without thinking before hand. There is nothing wrong with that, just don’t take it overboard by stating one of the girls on The Bachelor is “a fugly whore” (quote Mean Girls) along with other inappropriate and not-so-classy words. Or worse, you may use it to tweet every thought that runs through your mind while you’re out with your friends at night. Whether they may be old, childish tweets or heartbroken tweets bashing your ex or #angrytweets, more than likely it is time you clean up your account ASAP. It’s time for change.

But how do you start all over without having to do the obvious of deleting your account and creating a new one? You’ll lose all your followers and will have to re-follow everyone. No, you do not have to delete your tweets one by one. There’s a solution! The top website suggested by various articles was TwitWipe but unfortunately their website was not working. The next best thing is to use Tweet Delete or Tweet Erase.

Tweet Delete allows you to automatically delete tweets over a certain amount of days or months old. For example, you can set the app for tweets over 90 days old to be automatically deleted. You tweet; it then becomes 90 days old and BAM! Your tweet has been deleted. Tweet Eraser “unfortunately” deletes 3,200 tweets per step which for me that was more than enough. Both sites are great and I highly recommend them.

Next on the list: the overall look of your Twitter profile. If you have a background with a collage of yourself or little pretty pink stars, it may just be time to grow out of that. Keep in mind that potential employers may stumble upon your profile and may find that childish. Just saying! Choose a clean template that defines your personality. I chose my background to match the same background that I had for the back of my personal business card which also matched my blog. I chose to have them all match only because I’m a neat-freak and liked everything to match. Let your creative mind do the work in choosing a new look for your Twitter.

Lastly: your profile picture and bio information. Viewers’ eyes immediately go to the top banner of your Twitter profile which includes your profile photo and your bio. Don’t have a profile photo that has you “chunking up the deuce” or making a “duck face.” That is so high school. Use your best judgment in choosing an appropriate photo and your English skills in writing a short and to the point bio.

After your done with your Twitter Spring cleaning, your profile will be looking PRO-FRESH-IONAL! Too cheesy? I thought so.


Random thought: The word “tweet” is part of the synonyms on Microsoft Word and lists Twitter. Halfway through typing out this blog entry on Microsoft Word I noticed I wasn’t getting any spelling error lines for “tweet” and quickly realized Microsoft is up-to-date with the social media terminology. Instagram is still getting a misspelling red line, though. Oh well.

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