Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Blues

When times are tough, my favorite "go to" bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11

It's important to understand that God has a bigger plan for you. You may not agree with it at first, but be patient and with time you will realize that He has bigger and better things in store for you. I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Every event that occurs leads to another. I may not see the whole picture right now, but with time I will. And I will patiently wait to His plan to pan out. 

Hope every one is having a happy Monday! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's play dress up.

When my internal alarm clock wakes me up early on a Saturday, I get anxious and bored. The mall isn't open yet. There's nothing on television. I'm all caught up on my favorite shows. What do I do? Get a head start on shopping ideas by putting together potential outfits using Polyvore. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am obsessed with Polyvore. Here is my latest Polyvore outfit. I am currently into navy blue and statement necklaces. 

Classy Spring Dinner Date

Visit my Polyvore set to find these items. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Accesories

Fiesta is almost here! It’s my favorite time of the year. There is so much to do during the month of April and so many festive colors to sport! It’s also my birthday month. Yes, I’m a Fiesta baby. I am counting down the days until April. Baby Bake/Alumni Homecoming, Oyster Bake, NIOSA, Battle of Flowers parade, Flambeau Night parade – the list of Fiesta events is endless!

Fiesta means it’s time to shop for colorful Fiesta outfits and accessories. I found my Baby Bake dress and now in the search for the perfect accessories. I’ve been leaning towards yellow and teal accessories. (And orange but that will be for a future post.) My dress is navy blue and white, therefore I need a color that will pop. Below are some possibilities.  


What’s your favorite Fiesta event? What’s your favorite spring color?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Product Review: Benefit Fake Up

Impulse buy at ULTA. 

Fake Up.
Hydrating, crease-control concealer from Benefit for $24. 
(Available in three shades.)


Pricey but it feels light and natural. It doesn't look "cakey."
The Vitamin E and apple seed extract offers a hydrating feel. 
Easy to apply. No brush needed. It's like a lipstick!
Fancy, pretty design. (Creative side of me cares.)
The mirror case with the cursive text and pink pattern fits the Benefit look. 

I bought the 01 LIGHT shade and 02 MEDIUM for my sister. I figured with Spring finally here I will most likely tan and get dark, so her 02 MEDIUM Fake Up concealer will be my back up. Plus, right now if you buy $30 or more of Benefit products you get a FREE cute little San Francisco make-up bag. 

Would I buy it again? Definitely!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Follow me!

Today it is possible to express yourself through social media. A thought can be express via Twitter in 140 characters. Your daily life can be captured and shared via Instagram in one snapshot. Your dream wedding, outfit ideas, cooking recipes or DIY ideas can be saved for later use via Pinterest on boards. It's incredible how often we're on these sites.

You can see my daily Instagram photos on the side bar but my Tumblr and Pinterest can be found below. Feel free to follow!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Treat Yourself To Something Nice

Spring is just around the corner and I was in the mood for a little shopping. A girl can spoil herself every now and then, right? I am currently obsessed with: J.Crew and Gap. They have some cute outfits out for the Spring and always have a great selection in the clearance/sale area.

As you can see, day of shopping was a success. From left to right: Forever 21, Express, J.Crew, Forever 21, Francesca’s, Forever 21, Forever 21 and Michael Kors. I don’t know if you can see but I also bought some anchor earrings. You may recognize them from a previous post about my current must haves. I went on the hunt for these anchor earrings and bought the last pair. Although it was a little pricey for a pair of earrings ($40) I just had to buy them.

Not-fashion-related: I finally bought the Pitch Perfect Blu-ray DVD! I do all my movie shopping at Best Buy mainly because my boyfriend loves that store, so he gives me no other choice. I could not find the movie for the life of me. Luckily, I found it hidden between some Disney movies (where it clearly did not belong.) Since it wasn’t where it was suppose to be, I had no idea how much it was but I didn’t care. I was buying it no matter what. Well, guess what? It was $27, less than the price at Barnes & Noble. (Sorry, Barnes & Noble.) And to make my day even better, the cashier greets me with a – “Oh my goodness, you found it. You found the last one!” Apparently the system shows only one Pitch Perfect movie left in the entire city (as far as Best Buy stores) and numerous customers have been looking for it. Employees thought it was a system glitch. It was a great last minute buy. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet Winston

Meet the newest member of our family – Winston. It all started with my boyfriend wanting to get a dog for his apartment. For the past 2 weeks, we have been searching for the perfect dog for him. We later realized that this future dog would be both of ours in the future, so we decided to look for a dog that we would both take care of. We visited adoption centers at local Petsmarts and Petcos, the Humane Society and even drove all the way to La Vernia to visit the Alamo Expo. (Yes, I am aware that Alamo Expo/Granny Pups has received multiple complaints and bad reviews which is why we decided not to go through with them.) We looked on our local newspaper’s website under all the classifieds ads and found one that was too good to be true. A small, white Maltese puppy named Emma. What was fishy about it? The woman was from out-of-state and would be flying the pup to me to the nearest airport once she received my payment. She wanted my information, including my home address even though I would be picking up the puppy at the airport. Turns out it was a scams. I saved myself $300.

Sunday afternoon we finally called it quits for the weekend and decided to drive back home. Puppy shopping is exhausting. I decided to open up the laptop and browse through Craigslist listings, just in case. We saw a recent post for a male Yorkie, 7 weeks old. Last one. We met up with the guy and instantly fell in love with this little fur ball. 

What’s the story behind the name? While puppy shopping, we had previously liked a Yorkie/Terrier mix at the Humane Society named Winston who unfortunately was heartworm positive. He was two-years-old and very friendly. There was an instant connection but he was still undergoing treatment. We knew he needed someone who had more time and money to care for him. In honor of the Yorkie/Terrier from the Human Society, we wanted to name our little pup Winston. It was either Winston or Carl, but Carl reminds us too much of our most recent obsession – The Walking Dead.

And so, Winston it is!
He is playful and full of energy. I didn’t realize a small little fur ball could obtain so much energy. He’s funny and is constantly slipping and rolling on the wooden floors in the dining area. He’s a quick learner and very obedient. I’m obsessed with him. Winston is about to be the most spoiled little Yorkie in the world!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Decorate your house keys!

Happy Sunday!

Okay, so two of my keys looked almost identical that I kept getting my house key confused with my boyfriend’s apartment key. It was starting to get frustrating and I needed to do something ASAP. I thought about going to a nearby H-E-B and paying one of those machines to make a copy of my key in zebra print or something. But why pay when I have all the resources needed to deck out my house keys? I have a basket full of nail polishes of all colors (thanks to my boyfriend’s mom!) and Pandora playing in the background. The creative flow was going, regardless of how late it was.

Items you will need:
  • nail polish
  • stencils
  • music
That’s it! I didn’t have any stencils so I made a heart-shaped stencil out of paper. That failed MISERABLY. The nail polish went through and under the paper. It’s probably better to just stick with stencils. Instead, I decided to hand draw stripes and polka-dots. Good enough for me. In order to keep the paint from scratching off, I spray painted a clear coat on each of my keys 

I want to bling out the next set of keys I decorate. My mom thought I had my keys made at a store and paid for them. She liked them so much and asked that I decorate hers. I’ll add a photo of her keys later.