Sunday, March 3, 2013

Decorate your house keys!

Happy Sunday!

Okay, so two of my keys looked almost identical that I kept getting my house key confused with my boyfriend’s apartment key. It was starting to get frustrating and I needed to do something ASAP. I thought about going to a nearby H-E-B and paying one of those machines to make a copy of my key in zebra print or something. But why pay when I have all the resources needed to deck out my house keys? I have a basket full of nail polishes of all colors (thanks to my boyfriend’s mom!) and Pandora playing in the background. The creative flow was going, regardless of how late it was.

Items you will need:
  • nail polish
  • stencils
  • music
That’s it! I didn’t have any stencils so I made a heart-shaped stencil out of paper. That failed MISERABLY. The nail polish went through and under the paper. It’s probably better to just stick with stencils. Instead, I decided to hand draw stripes and polka-dots. Good enough for me. In order to keep the paint from scratching off, I spray painted a clear coat on each of my keys 

I want to bling out the next set of keys I decorate. My mom thought I had my keys made at a store and paid for them. She liked them so much and asked that I decorate hers. I’ll add a photo of her keys later.

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