Meet Winston

Meet the newest member of our family – Winston. It all started with my boyfriend wanting to get a dog for his apartment. For the past 2 weeks, we have been searching for the perfect dog for him. We later realized that this future dog would be both of ours in the future, so we decided to look for a dog that we would both take care of. We visited adoption centers at local Petsmarts and Petcos, the Humane Society and even drove all the way to La Vernia to visit the Alamo Expo. (Yes, I am aware that Alamo Expo/Granny Pups has received multiple complaints and bad reviews which is why we decided not to go through with them.) We looked on our local newspaper’s website under all the classifieds ads and found one that was too good to be true. A small, white Maltese puppy named Emma. What was fishy about it? The woman was from out-of-state and would be flying the pup to me to the nearest airport once she received my payment. She wanted my information, including my home address even though I would be picking up the puppy at the airport. Turns out it was a scams. I saved myself $300.

Sunday afternoon we finally called it quits for the weekend and decided to drive back home. Puppy shopping is exhausting. I decided to open up the laptop and browse through Craigslist listings, just in case. We saw a recent post for a male Yorkie, 7 weeks old. Last one. We met up with the guy and instantly fell in love with this little fur ball. 

What’s the story behind the name? While puppy shopping, we had previously liked a Yorkie/Terrier mix at the Humane Society named Winston who unfortunately was heartworm positive. He was two-years-old and very friendly. There was an instant connection but he was still undergoing treatment. We knew he needed someone who had more time and money to care for him. In honor of the Yorkie/Terrier from the Human Society, we wanted to name our little pup Winston. It was either Winston or Carl, but Carl reminds us too much of our most recent obsession – The Walking Dead.

And so, Winston it is!
He is playful and full of energy. I didn’t realize a small little fur ball could obtain so much energy. He’s funny and is constantly slipping and rolling on the wooden floors in the dining area. He’s a quick learner and very obedient. I’m obsessed with him. Winston is about to be the most spoiled little Yorkie in the world!