Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social Media welcomes a new app – Vine!

Have y’all heard about Vine? It’s Twitter’s new video app that allows users to capture their daily lives or show their creativity in a span of 6 seconds. I had no idea Vine has only been around for a couple of months. I decided to jump on the Vine bandwagon Easter weekend. It’s a fun video app but what’s frustrating is that it only allows for 6 seconds of video. Maybe it’s a good thing? I guess it forces people to think outside the box and manage to make something out of a 6 second video clip. You’d be surprised at how many people have worked with that limitation, creating stories through short clips. Browsing through some of the Vine posts, its crazy seeing what people come up with. Some are hilarious, some our touching, and some are just random.

Below is my most recent Vine post. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Printstagram order. There are several Instagram photos that I wish I could print. Thankfully I found the perfect website. The packaging of my order was so cute that I instantly thought to myself – this is Vine appropriate.

While trying out Vine I’ve discovered several other video apps like Viddy and Keek. I’ll have to try them out and compare to see which one I like best.


  1. I absolutely love Vine! But you are right, 6 seconds is a pain in the butt. I love your Vine, I had no idea you could print Instagrams.

    - Kailagh

    1. Thanks! I actually just took a half a second video clip of each printed Instagram photo and carefully placed them one by one (one on top of the other) on a white cardboard. :)