Monday, May 20, 2013

BYOB Painting

May has been so good to me in so many ways. It was another eventful weekend filled with new experiences. I've been feeling very spontaneous. As many of you may or may not know, I was in a sorority in college. Therefore you may find a lot of "sister" talk in my blog entries. In a sorority you truly find a strong sisterhood and leave college with some strong friendships.

Friday night we decided to have a sisters night out at The Royal Canvas, all thanks to Groupon. We bought a great deal in January and almost forgot about it! It was about to expire. It was a great, relaxing experience. I haven't held a paint brush in 2-3 years! (I took a painting class in college.) I wasn't completely satisfied with my painting but it was fun. I would definitely do it again. It would've been a great mother's day gift! Next year. :) See the pictures below! Excuse the poor quality of the photos. These were all taken on my iPhone. 

Saturday night my boyfriend and I attended our very first San Antonio Scorpions game. Thanks to my work, we had some great seats. We enjoyed the game from the suite box and the weather was perfect. We're more into basketball but it was nice to get to experience a soccer game. We really grew to appreciate the sport. My boyfriend really got into the game, cheering and screaming. I told him - "I didn't know you were into soccer or even knew anything about it." His response? "I don't. It just reminds me of FIFA. It's like I'm in the FIFA video game." Boyfriends, they say the darnest things. ;)

Sunday was a day of rest. We enjoyed delicious barbeque cooked by my dad and a great win by the Spurs. They DOMINATED! GO SPURS GO! The San Antonio Spurs are definitely going to the finals. I can feel it. 

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! 

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