Maxi Skirt, Denim Vest, Fedora Hats - It's Summertime!

I went a little cray cray at Banana Republic this past weekend. 

40% off all shorts, sleeveless shirts and short-sleeve cardigans!

It was a sale I could not pass up. I went into Banana Republic with one purpose only - to find the red maxi skirt that I've had my eye on for the past week. Unfortunately they didn't have it in my size in stock so I had to order online. While I waited, my eyes were wandering throughout the entire store. The sale was calling my name. I told myself - well, I do need new work clothes. I also need new outfits for the upcoming family trip (that's not until mid-July!) so, I gave in. I had a pile of clothes to try out. Numerous outfit ideas were running through my head. Everything I tried on I fell in love with. I'm pretty sure I was shopping for an hour. When I got to the check out and saw the overall total (even after the promo and applying a coupon I had) I soon realized - I have a shopping problem. I am a shopaholic

I think it's time to ease down a bit because there is no longer room in my closet. Eh, who am I kidding? A girl loves her clothes and I love spending my money where I can see it - in my closet. 

The red maxi skirt is on its way to be delivered to my lovely home but I'm already thinking of some cute outfit ideas for a Texas summer day out in the sun. I never thought I'd like maxi skirts or maxi dresses but after I bought my first maxi skirt from Arden B (see post here) I thought I'd give the maxi skirt a try.

I'm ready for summer! I'm ready to try new summer outfit ideas. :)