Monday, May 27, 2013

Winston's Puppy Training

Week 3 of puppy training at Pet Smart was last Thursday and it was very successful. Not to brag or anything but I swear Winston is the smartest puppy in the class. We learned the meaning of "leave it" which at first was very difficult because he kept barking at us, then he gave up and understood what it meant (kind of.) We need to practice more on that one. I'm not convinced he has that one down yet. 

We also learned how to teach him "down" which I knew he would get. My sister had tried it with her chihuahua, Sally, and Winston at the same time. So, he had a head start on this trick. The trainer was happy to see Winston pick it up so quickly. She used him as an example for the other puppies. Joseph and I were proud puppy parents. 

Repetition is key in puppy training, so this past weekend we made sure we practiced. We went over all tricks - up, sit and down. Take a look!

We were so excited. Our plan is to teach him how to roll over next on our own, outside of the class. I feel like all the tricks he has down are because of us, not because of the class. Joseph taught him up, I taught him how to sit and my sister showed us how to teach him down. He hasn't picked up the "loose leash" or "leave it" or "settle" which is all from the class. I'm starting to think the $109 was not worth it but it's an experience and we're only half way through the course. We need to be positive. I'm sure there is a lot more to learn. 

Two things we need to work on:

+ potty training again
+ barking / settling down

He was doing so good with potty training but then all of a sudden he started getting in the habit of going in the living room and now on the bathroom carpet! We're thinking of buying him a crate to leave him in overnight. We spoiled him too much in letting him sleep in the bed. I take him outside first thing in the morning when he stays the night at my house, so he's never had an accident at my place. But with Joseph - he goes all over the apartment living room. Joseph doesn't like waking up earlier to take him outside but after the many accidents, he's starting to really consider my advice. 

The puppy barking. Winston talks back a lot. If we're eating at the dinner table, he'll sit and bark at us. If we're watching tv, he'll sit there and just bark at us. When he's getting groomed, oh yes - he barks at all the grooming employees. We get him groomed at Pet Smart (Can you tell we love Pet Smart?) and every grooming report card we get back says: "He's fiesty. He protests a lot. He used foul puppy language, puppy bad words that puppies should not use. He's cute but he's a lot to handle." We don't know what to do with this issue. We've brought it up with the trainer but she hasn't been helpful. Any suggestions?

How can this cutie be so much to handle? Look at him!

On another note...
If you haven't done so already - check out my intro post over on Mikaela Rae's blog! I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to intro post on her blog. I'm new to blogging and she's been very helpful throughout my blog journey. 


  1. Your dog is adorable! I just found you through Mikaela Rae and love your blog :) fellow texan!

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with him. :) Glad you found my blog!

  2. He is so cute - his little face is to die for!

    1. Aw. Thanks! It's very difficult to discipline him with that cute face.