Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! 

It's such a nice day today. Texas decided to throw some rain at us today but now it's nice outside. It's the kind of day where you want to just sit outside and read the latest Cosmo issue while having a barbecue with the family - and that's exactly what I'm doing, with a little blogging of course. 

Little Winston is enjoying the backyard, having a little play date with the four dogs my family has: Dakota (a German Sheperd), Sally (a Chihuaha) and Wendy & Holly (terrier mix). And of course, my dad has his Tejano music playing so it feels like I'm in Laredo. 
Cosmo has a lot of bright color and outfit ideas, so of course I started thinking - it's time to mix and match some of those new clothing items I bought 2 weeks ago with clothes in my closet.

I'm a huge cardigan lover, so when Gap had cardigans on sale I was super excited. I bought this bright pink cardigan thinking it wouldn't match with much but I've been able to pair it up with a lot lately.

Especially white pants since Memorial Day was a couple of weeks ago so we can now officially wear them again. (Who even follows that rule though?)

Top: Gap / Cardigan: Gap / Shoes: Tory Burch / Clutch: Gap / 
Earrings: Betsey Johnson / Bracelets: Francesca's, Mod Cloth and Alexandra McQueen

Hope everybody enjoys their Friday today!

PS: GO SPURS GO! Drive for five. How amazing was Parker last night with that last shot? SWEEP!

My first time participating in the Friday link up #backthatazzup !

With my partner in crime/pledge sister/one of my best friends in Ireland for the next month, I wanted to dedicate this one to her. Our song! No matter the distance, she still manages to cheer me up regardless of the huge time difference. I'm loving her play-by-play text messages of her Ireland adventures.


  1. Looooving that cardigan on top of the chambray. SO CUTE!
    Also, the pups are adorable <3
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

    1. Thanks! I was a little nervous letting them go anywhere near each other. Haha. I'm an overprotective puppy momma. :)

  2. I'm so old school- I still follow the no white before Memorial Day rule! Love the pink with the chambray! And the song!

    Stopping by from Back That Azz Up :)

    1. I used to follow that rule but not this year. I'm not sure why. I think I just love my white pants too much. :) And thanks! I'm glad you found my blog through backthatazzup FRIDAY. :)