Week Recap: Puppy Graduation, Las Vegas and the NBA Finals

I have a good excuse as to why I have been MIA from blogging: Winston's last puppy training, NBA finals and vacation in Vegas. It was an exhausting but good trip. (Note to self: next time I go to Vegas, I need to have self-control when it comes to gambling. Those slot machines are addicting. Once you sit down, it's over.) I'm excited to share all the wonderful happenings that occurred during this past week! Get ready for a photo overload on this blog post.

Happy puppy graduation!  
Thanks for all the good luck wishes. It was tempting to skip the class because we did not want to miss Game 5 but we didn't and it was worth it. Winston did amazing. I am a proud puppy momma. He did every trick perfectly and even threw in an additional trick: roll over. The trainer was impressed. We had practiced the "roll over" a few times before so I was happy he nailed it the day of training. The diploma the trainer gave us was the cutest thing ever. She even had graduation hats for us to put on our little pups for a picture. It took Joseph and I a while before we could finally get the hat to stay on Winston but once it was one, we went crazy with photos. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. 

We are seriously obsessed with him. We could not stop laughing at how cute he looked in his puppy graduation hat. The trainer asked us if we wanted to enroll him into the next level of training. We are going to hold off on that for a while. We have a lot of expenses coming up but we are definitely considering it. 

I (just) can't get enough of Las Vegas.
Yes, I have returned to Las Vegas and this time during the weekend of the Miss USA competition. Now, before I get into the Miss USA competition let me just confess: I am a Jonas Brothers fan. Yes, I am a 24-year-old girl who loves the Jonas Brothers. They are my guilty pleasure. Everybody has a guilty pleasure, right? Don't judge me. Nick Jonas was co-hosting with Giuliana Rancic and the Jonas Brothers were performing at the competition. When I heard there was an opportunity to attend dress rehearsal, I jumped to it. When I walked into to the Planet Hollywood theatre and saw Nick Jonas and Giuliana Rancic on stage rehearsing, I almost had a panic attack. Fan girl moment. I'm trying to upload a video of their dress rehearsal performance but it's taking a while to load. I will post it once it's done uploading. They performed "Pom Poms" and "First Time" - amazing!

As for the rest of the Vegas trip, it included DJ Pauly D, Latin Nights, Bellagio Fountain Show, losing money gambling at the Cosmopolitan casinos and more! Take a look.

It was a much needed vacation. I got my tanning on and shopped the day away. I lost money gambling. I walked the strip until my feet could no longer walk. I'm pretty sure I got a good workout. The temperature was extremely burning hot, and that's coming from a Texas girl. Vegas heat is like an oven whereas Texas heat is humid hot. 

Our flight was delayed, then back on time, and then delayed again and then taking forever to take off. We arrived back home to Texas extremely late, missing Game 6 of the Spurs vs Heat game. I gave in and bought WiFi to listen to the game from thousands of feet up in the air. I was trying not to scream but I couldn't help it. Even the pilot couldn't help it. He was giving us scores every 5 minutes. It was such a close game. Both teams want it bad but we all know who wants it more: THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS. I'm praying we win Game 7. Tim Duncan wants his 5th ring and deserves it. WIN FOR TIMMY. Can you tell the NBA finals is driving me crazy?

Let's go Spurs! 

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