Winston's Puppy Training: Week 5

I figured I'd do a quick little post on Winston's puppy training.

We didn't make it to Winston's puppy training class last Thursday because it was Game 1 of the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat game. I know, we're horrible parents but it's the finals! Luckily we were able to make up the class by attending another session on Saturday morning.

I love going to these puppy training classes because Winston loves it. He's so attentive and is eager to do the tricks because he knows he'll get treats. I mean, look at him being ready for class! The trainer loves him.
During Week 5 of training, Winston learned how to say hello to other people. The problem with Winston is that he's very friendly and tends to jump. He gets extremely excited when he sees other people so it was hard to get him to sit still for others to pet him. 

I thought the course was 8 weeks long but apparently next week is already "Graduation Day" - whoa, time flies! The trainer said he needs to perform all tricks: sit, down, leave it, loose leash and either "play dead" or "shake paw." Talk about pressure! We have a lot of work to do from here until Thursday.  Let's hope he graduates puppy training. Wish us luck!