Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 Reasons Why I'm Not Fit For Zumba (Or Anything)

ONE // I am out of shape. Five minutes of any kind of work out is a lot for me.

TWO // I am incapable of showing excitement when working out, like this girl right here:

THREE // I am a Mexican who has no rhythm, even with Spanish music. I guess all those cumbias I danced in high school just wasn't enough.  Fail as a Mexican with rhythm. My hips cannot move.

FOUR // I have two left feet. Seriously, I think I do. It's frustrating. I can barely get two-stepping down. (Yes, I went from cumbia talk to two-stepping.)

FIVE // It takes my brain a while to catch on to the steps, and by the time I finally have the steps down, we're off to the next set of dance steps. I mean, come on - let me catch up! 

All in all, it was fun but I think I'll stick to routine workouts or P90X. Ha, because we all know I work out so much! After noticing how exhausting a one hour Zumba workout was for me, I think it's time to take this working out deal seriously. It's time to commit. In the meantime, I'll slip into my comfy yoga pants and college t-shirts. 

Do you prefer classes or a routine workout at the gym? 

Let me know. I'd love to hear suggestions. I may just try them all! :)


  1. It sounds a bit weird, but I'm way into kickboxing! No contact though, let's be honest--I'm so not crazy enough for that. But try out different stuff and see what you like! xx

    Allie /

    1. Kickboxing sounds awesome. I'm sure one of the local gyms offers kickboxing. I'd feel like I were preparing for an action movie, haha. I'd be scared to fall while kicking though. haha. But I definitely need to try it!

  2. Prefer to join gals in gym once in a week. It's way better than a claas!

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

    1. I feel like I don't like classes but I need a gym class, it's weird. Haha. :) I'm a hotmess when it comes to deciding on how to workout.

  3. I love to mix it up!! I try to go 5 days a week (but rarely do), i like to think i do 3 days of strength training/cardio and 2 days of classes (Zumba/TurboKick). I'm PuertoRican so i like to think i got the moves.. but i really don't! lol! i feel like most people that take Zumba don't have rhythm or can't follow steps, but you just keep on trying because it's a fun workout! You really get better after going at it for a couple of classes, especially because if you attend the same classes they usually have more or less the same routines.

    I say keep trying! You'll get a hang of it! ^_^

    1. 5 days a week?! Go you!! That's way more than me. I love that you mix it up!!

      Thanks! I need to keep trying it all.

  4. haha I wrote a post almost just like this! I highlighted the fact that Im mexican but was not given the gift of rhythm! It's ok, I hope it was still fun for you :D And I cannot dance cumbias to save my life. I mean, I try but its not pretty.

  5. Gimme a routine workout ANY day! My legs do their own thing while my upper body does another when I am trying to do anything that resembles dancing! Haha

    I found you via Night Owl Venting Blog Hop! New follower!