Monday, July 29, 2013

Brainstorming, Puppy Love and Family BBQs

Happy Monday! Last week I was unable to participate in The Nectar Collective’s Weekly Wishes because I was away on vacation, but this week I am back and ready to link up!

Let’s go back as far as 2 weeks and see how I did. My goal was to be free of worries and have a free state of mind, if that makes any sense. Thankfully this goal happened to fall during my family vacation, so it was fairly easy to just be carefree and not stress about anything. (I mean, I was running around Disneyland like a kid and shopping on Hollywood Blvd, swiping that debit card as if I had hundreds of dollars to spend or something.) But of course, I won’t always have a nice vacation. I did, however, find it helpful to have inspirational quotes at my work desk or my desktop background to get me through the week. 

This week’s weekly wish. // Revisit thoughts on the path for this blog and do some blog cleaning. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the purpose of this blog and the direction in which I want to go with it. I write because I want to share my experiences and adventures. I write to connect with others. I write just to write. I want to dedicate this week to jotting down some ideas on a notepad (the old fashion way) and just think about where the blog is going. Maybe I’ll use this week to brainstorm some blog post ideas. I don’t know how. I am incapable of committing to a DIY. I seriously have no patience. I forget to post OOTD because, well, when I get home from work I don’t think of taking a photo of my outfit. I quickly jump into sweatpants and a t-shirt, put my hair up in a bun and turn on Netflix. I don’t have work out routines because I don’t work out. So, you see the dilemma I’m in.

I want to dedicate this week to cleaning it up a little, revamp the navigation tabs and content, re-do the sponsorship, brainstorm, etc. What do you guys think? I’m open to listen to any advice. As for social media, do I want to create individual accounts specifically for the blog? I am happy to have created the Twitter; it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers. I created a Facebook but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. I can barely keep up with my own life. I’m still thinking it through, though. 

 photo weekly-wishes-button-yellow_zps1b1df431.jpg

I feel like my blog is lacking photos. I would post an OOTD today but I don’t match. Haha. So, when all else fails – post photos of your dog. If you follow me on Instagram (@msjasminegarcia) you’ll know that this weekend the boyfriend and I spoiled our dog, Winston, with some goodies: a new bed, a new t-shirt and a new toy. Spoiled little puppy brat!

That’s my Weekend Shenanigans. My weekend literally revolved around Winston (we missed him a lot while away on vacation) and it involved a surprise visit from my aunt and uncle. Saturday night we enjoyed a nice little BBQ outside. I introduced my aunt to Budlight Lime-A-Ritas. She’s a trooper! She had two of those little suckers. She’s always asking me to have something new for her to try as far as drinks. I’m ready for her next visit. Hmm, what’s next? 

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  1. Hey, I just recently came across your blog through The Nectar Collective and now through Weekly Wishes... and I really like it so far! I don't have any tips or advice -- just be yourself and write about what you enjoy! I've been seeing that regular features work for some people... like Mel's Weekly Wishes and her "Good, Bad, Bizarre" series...

    But anyway, from what I can tell, this is already a blog that I will return to and your about page makes you sound like someone I would really enjoy being friends with... and that's what blogging is all about, right? :) Best wishes with your upcoming week!


  2. Oh my you're puppy is too cute! I'm sure you'll figure it all out, I really like your writing style. So just find what works for you! Best wishes! Hope you have a peachy keen day!


  3. I see what you mean, sometimes I have problems, too, t o get a clear thought about my blog and its direction o.O
    But at the moment I am brainstorming about a series I would like to write of and want to have guestposts, too
    So I would like to ask you as well, but at the moment I am in the process of thinking about it in detail^^ So I might come back to you if you are interested, since I like your blog so much ;)

  4. I am lacking ideas myself! I usually do linkups on the days when I just can't think of anything lol