Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Hope everybody had a safe 4th of July. I saw a lot of photos of beautiful fireworks and delicious fourth of July treats when browsing through my Bloglovin' newsfeed. Unfortunately I did not get to see fireworks (bummer, I know!) but I did get to enjoy fourth of July with my boyfriend and my family while enjoying some delicious barbecue. It was a very relaxing fourth of July, just what we needed. Nothing crazy.

As for the weekend, the boyfriend and I gave in to participating in Pub Run. We rushed to the nearest Target and Wal-mart to buy some items to put together a costumer/outfit. The theme this month of "Fourth of July"- duh! Pub Run is so much fun, I highly recommend everybody to give it a try. I love that each month there's a different theme. People get really creative with their costumes.

Pub Run tends to lead to lots of money spent on drinks and the costumes. (Okay, mainly the drinks. Our costumes were pretty inexpensive.) Saturday we were exhausted and pretty spent. We decided to take it easy and have a lazy Saturday. We picked up California Pizza Kitchen and went to the nearest Red Box to have a movie night. We had no idea there was a Paranormal Activity 4 movie, so we decided to give it a try. Well, I did. My boyfriend hates scary movies. I have a love-hate relationship movies. I love scary movies but I hate the suspense. I hate when you know something is about to pop out and scare you. But I like watching them. It's weird. 

Hope everybody had a safe fourth of July weekend! 

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