Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall Television Shows I’m Excited For

 Time to stock up on some wine and get ready for Fall television shows! I don’t how or why but all of my favorite television shows air during the Fall. I have been anxiously awaiting the return of several of my favorite TV shows. I am about to have no social life with work, grad school and television. (No particular order. I have too many favorites. It would be difficult to rank them.)

Dancing With The Stars – premieres Monday, September 16

Every season I keep telling myself, no more. Usually because I’m never happy with who won but last year, DWTS gave me hope with Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler winning the shiny mirror ball trophy.

New Girl –premieres Tuesday, September 17

I don’t even have to say why I’m excited for this show. It’s just hilarious, I love it. The actors are funny. The show is funny. It’s just a show you can’t help but love.

The X Factor – premiers Wednesday, September 18

While I am not a fan of the new judges, I will continue to watch The X Factor because of Demi Lovato. There was a lot of talent last season. Some of my favorites included Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Emblem 3, Jennel Garcia, and more.

The Voice – premieres Monday, September 23

I’ve always been iffy about whether or not I like this singing competition show. I just couldn’t get myself to stick to watching it but last season I stuck to it. Okay, I lied. I stopped watching after Caroline Glaser was eliminated but then I picked it up again once I heard Danielle Bradbery was still in the competition. I absolutely loved her performance with Hunter Hayes. In fact, I loved every performance of her. And I just love Blake Shelton. That’s a big plus in my book for watching the show. I'm not even sure who the judges are this coming season or if they're changing.

Nashville – premieres Wednesday, September 25

I’ve literally only watched two episodes of this show. I have been meaning to have a lazy Saturday with Netflix to get caught up but I just can’t get to it. I hear it’s a good show. Any thoughts? Should I spend hours getting caught up or just forget about it?

Glee – premieres Thursday, September 19

I have been a Glee fan since day one, so I’m always excited for each season but now more than ever I am waiting for the return of Glee because of the passing of Cory Monteith. I’m glad the cast is returning and continuing to move forward with the show. It will be different. I’m curious to see how Ryan Murphy will write off Finn Hudson from the show. The tribute show will be a sad, sad episode.

Grey’s Anatomy – premieres Thursday, September 26

I have been a Grey’s Anatomy fan since my freshman year in college thanks to my sorority. When I was rushing, the recruitment events (to get to know the girls) were Grey’s Anatomy nights every week. I quickly became obsessed with the show and have been watching it ever since. So, 6 years? And now I’m hearing Sandra Oh is leaving the show so this is her last season!

The Walking Dead – premieres Sunday, October 13

Oh, The Walking Dead. I used to laugh at the zombie fanatics and think this show was lame. One night, the boyfriend and I had nothing to watch on TV so we decided to watch the first season on Netflix. For two weeks, we were locked up in the apartment and watched every single episode to get caught up. I mean, we had no lives during those two weeks. I’m talking – get out of work, pick up food and watch TWD until bedtime. “One more episode. Okay, after this one we’ll stop.” We even almost named our dog Carl instead of Winston because we thought Rick saying “CARRRLLLL” was just hilarious. The show is addicting.

There are so many other shows that I’ve either never watched and I’m behind on or just completely forgot about and now I’m extremely behind/lost, but I want to get caught up on. Nashville, The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Drop Dead Diva, Revenge, The Secret Life of An American Teenager, and The Lying Game (Is this show still airing?)

What shows are you looking forward to this Fall?

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