Monday, August 5, 2013

Give me strength.

Today I'm not doing the usual. 
Today I am not doing linkups. 
Today I am just going to write. 
Today's post will be short.
What's going on?

I've been MIA lately because I have been overwhelmed by recent health issues. I have made a lifestyle change in hopes to get healthy sooner rather than much later. I am avoiding sugar. I am avoiding fast food. I am drinking organic apple cider vinegar with water and honey every day. I am starting to run every day. It's tough but I need to think of my health and start making some changes. 

Sadly, I had to cancel this weekend's upcoming trip to Las Vegas with my super awesome spontaneous vacation crew. It was tough making that decision and telling them but it had to be done. Instead I will be going to Mexico to visit a doctor (and see some family). Praying I regain strength and some patience. It's time to live a HEALTHY lifestyle. 

On a lighter note: 
I installed Disquis to making replying to followers much easier! 
What do you guys think? I'm excited to make good use of it.
& welcome to new followers! :)

I received great feedback on the Travel Essentials post that I am currently working on Must Have Travel Essentials for Guys - so, keep an eye out this week for that! 

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