Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh, hey! It's Friday.

It's time for Friday Letters...

Dear First Week of Grad School,
I survived! I look forward to the next two years of sleepless nights, hours studying in the library and Starbucks coffee runs. The journey towards earning a master's degree starts now!

Dear running shoes, 
We're starting to become buddies here. I like/hate it. I like it because I feel like I did something. I hate it because my legs feel like jello after just 30 minutes.

Dear Joe Francis from VH1's Couples Therapy, 
Bro, you are low class. To throw water in a girl's face is just disrespectful. And then to runaway like a coward just blows my mind. I couldn't finish watching the show because I could not stand to hear his voice. Catelynn pretty much gave the perfect description of him.

Dear PLL, 
I have a few questions - Will we ever find out who A is? What was up with the awkward 2 minutes of country line dancing? Why is Mr. Fitz so good looking? Why am I kind of cheering for this new guy Aria is dating? Please answer all these questions in the next episode. Thanks.

Dear bank account, 
Where is all my money going?! No more lunch for me. I'm packing my lunch. It's getting a little expensive going out to eat during my lunch. I'm going to try and take my own lunch for the next two weeks to see how much money I save.


Maybe it's because I didn't go on my Vegas trip two weekends go but I'm having Vegas withdrawals. Every time I hear this song, it makes me think of Vegas. I don't know why. So, here's to hoping this weekend is a good weekend.

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