Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shoes are a girl's best friend.


1. Macy's had a One Day Sale and it was just calling my name. I know, I know. I just bought shoes but these are heels. Two pair of heels and a pair of sandals (for my mom) for just under $50. Great deal! 

2. Reorganized my closet to fit all my shoes. I'm running out of space quickly because I like to keep my shoes in their boxes. It keeps them safe and clean. 

3. Sunday Brunch with a few of my sorority sisters. It was nice to get together and celebrate each other's recent successes. 

4. Cuddle time with Winston. The apartment was cold, so Winston was hiding behind the pillows to keep warm. Sorry, Winston. I like it cold. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of cuddling. 


Well, I'm a little late in the game here. It's late Tuesday and I'm barely posting my link up but it's been a while since I last participated in the Weekly Wishes Link Up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. And I didn't want to miss another week. I think my last weekly wish was to think of blog ideas, possibly revamp the blog and rethink the path I want to take. As you can see, I redesigned my blog, cleaned up the ABOUT section and the TRAVEL section, and added more sponsor ads to my SPONSOR page. If you'd like to sponsor with me, go check it out! :) 

This week's weekly wish: Be thankful. 
Simple as that. Despite the struggles, I need to remember to be thankful for the blessings I have been given and appreciate them. It's important to stop and take a moment to just enjoy life. Be thankful for life, for everything. As frustrated as I may get when things don't go my way, I know there's a reason to it. I know it's all part of His plan. 

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