Six Reasons Why I Know My Dog Is High Maintenance

1. He hates going for a walk. I’ve taken him out for a walk at the apartment dog park and he's pretty much dyiing within 5 seconds of being outside. He will not walk with me and I'll have to carry him back home like a baby. Otherwise, he'll drag his little paws.

2. He needs to the car A/C on full blast and facing him. With just 5 seconds of being in the car, he will literally jump onto the arm rest (is that what it's called?) between the driver's seat and passenger's seat so he's smack in the middle of the A/C. If I don't turn on the A/C full blast right away, he'll stare at me until I do. If it's a long car drive, he'll jump to the back seat and sit in the middle.

3. He needs to be the center of attention. Sometimes we'll be relaxing, watching a movie in the living room and he wants to play so he'll sit in front of the TV and bark at us. If he keep ignoring him, he'll jump on the couch and bark in our ears or grab a toy and toss it around in our faces until we play with him. He's a little brat, but he's cute.

4. He needs a big bed. Clearly he didn't like his small bed after he outgrew it. (He looked so cute in it when he was little!) He quickly tore up that bed as a hint to us that we need to buy him a new one, bigger than him.

5. He won't sleep in his bed. It defeats the purpose of buying him a big bed. I don't know why we even bother. He sleeps in the bed, next to my face on my shoulder. If I move, he'll move to be right next to my face again.

6. He looks good after a grooming session, but gets bad feedback. You know that dog that is barking at the world and won't sit still at Pet Smart during his grooming session? Yeah, that would be my dog. Pet Smart's grooming provides a report card and I promise you every single one of Winston's report cards says: "he's cute but he talks back" or "it took three people to groom him." I mean, does it really take three people to groom a 6 lb precious Yorkshire Terrier?