Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bar Hoppin No More

A quick little post to tell you about my bar hoppin adventures, a spontaneous trip in the works and grad school.

(Please disregard the oily face. Apparently some places do not believe in air conditioning.)

Have you ever felt like you could concur the world on a Friday night? That is exactly how I felt last Friday. I had a sudden burst of energy Friday afternoon. (Despite my sudden panic attack at the doctor's office earlier that afternoon thanks to my fear of needles near my eyes. One word: chalazions.) But the day quickly turned around when I decided to accept the invitation to happy hour with two good friends. (Otherwise known as, the spontaneous vacation crew.) I had a full tank of gas in my car and a long work week so I was willing to make the drive across town for a few drinks which quickly led to a "Let's go out tonight and try a new bar." Five hours later, we are bar hoppin downtown. From a nice, chill bar with good music and fancy/expensive, strong drinks to a bar crowded with sweaty pub runners to a downtown bar with old school music and karaoke, the night turned out to be fun. Except, the next morning I checked my bank account and instantly regretting going for the fancy/expensive drink. (Note to self: when you are in debt thanks to student loans, you cannot afford to buy fancy/expensive drinks. I mean, you can but you probably shouldn't. It adds up!)

Yeezus tour dates have been announced! And instead of going to a concert in the same state that I live in, my friends decided it would be best to attend Kanye West's concert in none other than Las Vegas. (Yes, I just complained about buying expensive drinks earlier but I don't know how to say no to Vegas.) Vegas Trip Numero Dos is in works. 

As for grad school: I am loving having the opportunity to absorb all this new information but at the same time, I have been out of school for nearly two years and I was not prepared for all the reading. I still love it though. So, that pretty much explains why there is a lack of blog posts. But I have not forgotten about the blog. A blog clean up is in the works and I'm so excited to soon reveal who I've been working with! :)

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