Current Make Up Favorites

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Every girl has their must have make up essentials. Lately, I have been obsessed with buying make up and trying different make up brands. I swear, the employees at Sephora probably already know me by name because I've been shopping there so much lately. But somehow I always seem to go back to these make up favorites:

NARS Foundation
Smashbox Primer
Mac Blush
Urban Decay Primer
Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette
Bare Minerals Concealer
Maybelline Lipstick
Benefit Mascara

These are my top favorites. As for life, it has been crazy busy lately juggling school and work. It's been tough getting back in that school grind but it keeps me busy, so I love it. The reason it has been ten times harder this past week is because I had eye surgery. (Hold up: I'm about to get real person right here. Kind of.) For the past two years I have been struggling with chalazions. It's a pain and it's not pretty. These past few months I feel like I got the worst of it. I'm talking chalazions on both eyes, two on just one eye. It's not fun at all. After trying every home remedy and going to several opthamologists, I finally found an opthamologist that I truly felt comfortable with and confident that she was going to help me get rid of the chalazions. (Finally, after a few hundred bucks later thanks to the numerous doctor visits and prescriptions.) I had my eye procedure last Monday and it's looking a lot better. It was painful but I am glad it's finally getting taken care of. I cannot wait for it to heal 100%.

That's pretty much been my life lately: chalazion struggles, school and work. I did go a little shopping crazy this past weekend (what's new?) Hope everybody is having a happy Sunday! And happy Fall! It's finally starting to feel nice and cool outside. I am so excited!

PS: Have you noticed how much cleaner the blog is looking? Big thanks to Aubrey from The Kinch Life. She is seriously one of the sweetest and most talented designers I know. I am pretty much obsessed with her blog. :)