Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been dedicated to being thankful. Thankful for the patience I have been blessed with because I am not very patient. Thankful for friends who bring laughter. Thankful for a kind and caring boyfriend who puts up with me through good times and bad. Thankful for a supportive and loving family. I am taking Sundays as it should be taken: a day of worship. I am in love with the missions and love going to mass there because it's just absolutely beautiful.

Life lately has also been dedicated to trying new things, understanding that it is okay to treat yourself and picking up a new book (open to suggestions). Upcoming events that will make life even more interesting:

Josh Abbott Band Concert
Six Flags Event
JAB Fest (Hopefully)
Randy Rogers Band Concert
Las Vegas Trip

Fall always brings fun things to do. I'm excited!

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