Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Texas Should Not Be Allowed To Have Starbucks PSL

Let's start by saying a big welcome to Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte in Texas 105 degree weather. I'm all for Fall, but it's a little too early to be selling PSL when it's still burning hot outside. Starbucks in Texas should not be allowed to serve PSL until at least October.

In other news, 

Hope everybody had a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I am thankful to have survived mine. It was a jam packed, wild and crazy weekend thanks to my sorority pledge sister being in town. 


It started Friday night, chilling at a new bar and then making our way to our favorite/not so favorite bar. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good. Everybody survived. Nobody dropped their phone in the toilet. no shots were taken. Decent photos were taken. 

^ That was a flashback of high school football games. 

We enjoyed a day of shopping and ending the night with a delicious BBQ with a few sorority sisters and friends. It felt like we were reliving college with the big reunion. It was pretty weird but awesome at the same time. 


I have no words for Sunday. No, really. It was too much for me but we did get to enjoy the pool in the Texas heat. Will we ever learn our lessons of the dangers of Budlight Lime-a-ritas? I'll leave it at that. We're not allowed to buy those anymore, ever. Out of the 40 photos I took on Sunday, only these 3 made the cut. 

Hope y'alls Labor Day weekend was as eventful as mine, full of crazy memories. :)

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