Thursday, November 21, 2013

Discovering Your Blessings

What does it mean to be blessed? Yesterday I discovered a bigger meaning behind the word. I have always been thankful of the many blessings, big or small, that God has granted me and my family but yesterday was a special day. Yesterday I discovered how blessed I am to have a father who is kind, caring, strong and loving. I have always known this but yesterday it made me appreciate his work even more. He is loved by many, not just at home but also at his school. Last month my grandfather passed away suddenly and it broke my heart to see my dad, someone who is always smiling, so devastated by a loss but that frown was quickly turned upside down by the unending love and support from his school. It amazes me how strong a community is and how quickly people can come together to help. I've seen similar acts of community in my sorority, coming together as one sisterhood, but yesterday I saw a different form of community help. One of my dad's co-workers said, "What other workplace would come together like this for a fundraiser to help someone? We love you." That, right now, just brought tears to my eyes but I held it in. Mainly because there were kids running around and my dad was just all smiles the entire night. I am extremely thankful for the love and support my dad has at his school. I can only dream to be part of such a great community for many years some day and wish to be at least half the caring and loving person that he is. In preparation of Thanksgiving and giving thanks, today more than ever I am thankful for my family and our support system. 

Be thankful! Happy Thursday. :)

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