Friday, December 20, 2013

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Happy Friday!

First things first. I am beyond excited and happy with The X Factor results because - SPOILER ALERT - Alex and Sierra won!

Okay. Plastering a photo probably was a spoiler but I couldn't contain my excitement. Could they not be any more perfect? Their finale performance was the absolute cutest and so sweet. Ah. Adorbs. Anyways, back to being focused...

Hazel from Two Thirds Hazel created this perfect quiz for bloggers to share with their followers. If you're a fan of the quizzes celebrities fill out in the Cosmopolitan magazine, then you will definitely enjoy filling one of these out. It's hard for me to fill out questionnaires or quizzes like these that have to do with answering questions about yourself. I don't know how to describe myself in any way, shape or form, so brace yourself. I am not interesting. I am boring.

I just noticed that I said the one thing that always cheers me up is The Ellen show. I lied. The one thing that truly cheers me up, and my boyfriend would agree, is food. Seriously. I am a fat kid at heart. I love food. If we're fighting, he knows what to do. Take me out to eat. It's actually pretty sad. You know how people say, the only way to get to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well, that saying does not apply just to men. It applies to me, too, because I love food. After food, yes - The Ellen show cheers me up along with a few YouTube videos of Jennifer Lawrence interviews because she's hilarious. 

Don't forget to link up because, it's #backthatazzup Friday
The perfect way to kick start your weekend. 

I'm not a fan of either Pitbull or Kesha but this song it's extremely catchy.

PS: There is still time left to enter the Starbucks Giveaway!

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