Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites // 002

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY // the week went by so fast. i can't believe tomorrow is already february. not only is valentine's day around the corner but so is j and i's 5 year anniversary. i need some gift ideas like asap for both valentine's day and the anniversary. finding gifts for guys is difficult. i mean, i know the way to a man's heart is through the stomach but i like to spoil j every now and then, if i can. he does so much for me and five years is kind of a big deal. and valentine's day, well we don't even really do much for valentine's day. we don't like to go anywhere. every year we've always stayed in. we hate the valentine's day crowd and how long the waits are at restaurants. but gifts, oh this year i want to get creative and thoughtful but i don't even know where to start. eek! and it's going to be a crazy busy month. but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of some friday favorites! this week, my friday favorites include:

1 // tulle skirt. i have spotted tulle skirts all over blogs and pinterest and i am in love with them. i just don't know if i can pull them off. i might still buy one though. it would be a cute anniversary date outfit.

2 //  confetti nails. filiz from light and sweet blogged a great manicure how to post for glitter nails, perfect for valentine's day. i absolutely love it. i am all about the glitter and have been planning on going to get my nails done soon but have been pushing it back because i didn't know what color or design to go with. now that i have my answer, thanks to filiz, i am ready to go get my nails done.

3 // chicken and avocado salad. obviously from my avocado & egg breakfast toast blog post you can tell i am all about meals with avocado so i wanted to share this quick little dinner meal that has been my favorite for the past few months. if you're craving avocado, this is the salad for you!

4 // statement necklaces. as mentioned in last week's friday favorites, you just can't go wrong with statement necklaces. it really adds to your outfit. this weekend i plan on shopping for more cute statement necklaces.

5 // hair highlights. i have been wanting to get my hair done but just haven't had time. this weekend i may just go to it, finally. i know what i want. and it's this cute number. soft highlights and a slight trim. i thought about going short again but it's taken me so long to get my hair to grow so long that i'm afraid i'll regret it. but these highlights are a for sure definite! 

and now for a quick little #backthatazzup friday link up! i'm not sure how i feel about katy perry but her new song "dark horse" is my newest obsession. it definitely my go to song to kick off my weekend and get the party started! (yeah, because i go out so much...)

have a safe weekend! :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pinterest Meals: Avocado & Egg Toast for Breakfast

Lately I have been in love with all meals that include avocado. I have been trying to think of quick healthy breakfast meals to have before heading out to work to avoid picking up a not-so-healthy breakfast at McDonald's or Starbucks. Pinterest never fails me. I am seriously going to make it a point to try a Pinterest meal on a weekly basis. This week, I tried an avocado and egg toast for breakfast.

avocado and egg breakfast toast

+ Avocado
+ Spinach
+ Eggs
+ Wheat Bread
+ Salt & Pepper

It's pretty simple. Toast the wheat bread. Smash 1/2 an avocado and spread it on the toasted bread. Add some spinach. Cook an egg sunny side up and place on top of the avocado and spinach. The avocado toast pin that I found on Pinterest did not include spinach or eggs but I wanted to add something extra and it definitely makes a difference! Finish off with a pinch of salt and pepper. It's quick to make and a simple breakfast meal that will give you energy for the work day.

The first time I made it, I made two avocado and egg toasts not knowing that one would be enough. It definitely fills you up! I am in love with this breakfast meal.

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend! :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's been a crazy week with school starting up again, new changes at work and back to back doctor appointments. I'm pretty sure the majority of my paid vacation days and paychecks go towards doctor appointments. But I put some cash aside from today's paycheck for a day at the hair salon because I am dying for a hair cut and maybe a new hair color. I will be counting down the hours until 5 o clock for some "me" time. I'll make sure I share some photos of the new look, if it happens. Until then, these are a few of my favorites for the week. 

1. All Black Attire | It's simple and easy to just wear all black and throw on a statement necklace for work or dinner out with the girls. 
2. Iced Caramel Mocchiato | It is my "go to" Starbucks drink. Lifesaver!
3. Leopard Print Scarf You just can't go wrong with leopard print. 
4. Basic Naked Urban Decay Palette I swear I've been using this every day that I need a new one.
5. Lauren Conrad | She is my fashion idol. I follow her blog for fashion inspiration. She's amazing. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Travel Adventures: Wyoming (and a pit stop in Austin, TX)

If you're wondering where I've been, I took it upon myself to tag along with my sister to Wyoming for her pharmacy school interview. We decided to make it a sisterly weekend getaway trip and enjoy the small town and some snow. I'm a Texas girl who has never experienced snow. The closest thing to snow I've seen was senior year in college when it "snowed" one night and everybody went running outside to take photos. So, when my sister and I found out there was a little ski resort with snow tubing (because there's no way we would ski!) just a few miles away from where we would be, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. Except the second we bought our tickets I started panicking because apparently we had to take a ski lift for snow tubing. And we weren't prepared with snow gear so we had to buy some and rent snow boats. We almost backed out because we were so scared. It's so out of our comfort zone but my sister didn't let me back out. We managed to make ourselves hop on that lift and go through with the snow tubing. And let me just tell you, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We were like little kids doing it again and again until it was dark.

We did some exploring of the small town of Laramie, had the scary experience of driving through snow on our way to the ski resort, and made our way back to Texas. We flew to Austin (it was cheaper) and J was sweet enough to pick us up from the airport and we went to eat at a cute little restaurant by a lake. It was the perfect weather for Saturday lunch. And I went a little photo crazy, so here you go! Enjoy. :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Lately

if you follow me on instagram you'll notice that i have been trying to keep up with the #catchthemoment365 little project by posting a photo a day. it's been hard because sometimes i'll forget to post a photo and by the time i remember, it's already too late. like right now, i just remembered that i didn't even instagram a photo for day 10. shame on me. but above is a little recap of what i have posted so far. lately i have been:

+ failing at the "less drinking" new year's resolution by kicking off the new year with lots of HH dates.
+ mentally preparing myself for school starting up again.
+ enjoying quality time spent with my pledge sister, lauren, who was in town for christmas break.
+ catching up on a few of my favorite blogs, while also falling behind on a few tv shows.
+ making a list of things i need (and want) to do.
+ ignoring the fact that i need to pack for my trip to wyoming this weekend with my sister.
+ enjoying the return of pretty little liars. (spoiler alert: how heartbreaking was that scene with caleb and hanna?)

hope everybody is having is a lovely weekend! stay turned for a HUGE giveaway coming up this tuesday! i mean, it's pretty big. you won't want to miss out. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Why I Need To Win The Lottery

(Shameless OOTD mirror selfie.)

There is so much I need want to buy but no cash. I need to start buying lottery tickets to win some free cash and spoil myself with spas and new wardrobe. I need to win the lottery. A girl has needs. In the meantime, I'll have to settle for Friday's small paycheck and start scratching things off my wish list:

+ a mani/pedi session
+ a new haircut and hair color.
+ a camera case for that beauty you see in the photo above.
+ a gym membership. because lack of money of always an excuse.
+ new books and movies, specifically horror movies.
+ more clothes. because a girl can never have enough clothes.
+ the new iphone 5s. (this girl is still on that iphone 4s!)
+ a trip to ikea for new drawers and closet organizers because clearly my closet is about to explode.

And then maybe once I make that trip to Ikea I can finally get to posting the long overdue updated version of small closet organization. Thankfully J's parents were so sweet and pretty much were on point this past Christmas with my gift: a Sephora gift card. That'll kill the itch to spend money for now. I am in need of new makeup.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Polka Dot Lovin'

Pinteresting on a Sunday leads to online shopping.  |  It's true. The usual Sunday routine for me includes church, lunch and Pinterest which often leads to busting out my wallet for some online shopping. I'm currently obsessed with polka dots. I always have been but for some reason now more than ever. I feel like every store has something cute in polka dots. 

 Polka Dot Lovin'

I've seen the 2014 Kate Spade planner all over blogs and I am dying to order mine. It's definitely a must have polka dot item. I also heard Target has a cute gold polka dots planner. I haven't seen it yet but I am definitely planning a trip soon to see for myself.

Hope everybody has a happy Sunday! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's 2014!

Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. Happy New Year! For the first time in a while, I decided to stay in and ring in the new year with my family. Every year I usually go out with friends but this year I was lucky enough to get sick with the cold and spend the entire day in bed with lots of vitamins, tissues and soup. What a way to end the year, right? But we somehow made the most of it. 
It did, however, give me the opportunity to think about possible new year resolutions. Instead of setting new year resolutions (which I fail at every year) I decided to turn to Pinterest and fellow bloggers for ways to capture 2014. The year in review was such a great way to look back at the year and go down memory lane but an even better way to jot down those special moments is through a "2014 jar of good things"

Except it would be for things that happened in 2014, not 2013 like the pin says. How cute is that? 

Another great way to capture those precious moments is through a photo challenge. Jenn from Life Begins With J recently shared a photo challenge idea, Catch The Moment 365. I will be joining her photo challenge so follow me on instagram msjasminegarcia with the hashtag #catchthemoment365 

How are you going to make 2014 a memorable year?