Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Lately

if you follow me on instagram you'll notice that i have been trying to keep up with the #catchthemoment365 little project by posting a photo a day. it's been hard because sometimes i'll forget to post a photo and by the time i remember, it's already too late. like right now, i just remembered that i didn't even instagram a photo for day 10. shame on me. but above is a little recap of what i have posted so far. lately i have been:

+ failing at the "less drinking" new year's resolution by kicking off the new year with lots of HH dates.
+ mentally preparing myself for school starting up again.
+ enjoying quality time spent with my pledge sister, lauren, who was in town for christmas break.
+ catching up on a few of my favorite blogs, while also falling behind on a few tv shows.
+ making a list of things i need (and want) to do.
+ ignoring the fact that i need to pack for my trip to wyoming this weekend with my sister.
+ enjoying the return of pretty little liars. (spoiler alert: how heartbreaking was that scene with caleb and hanna?)

hope everybody is having is a lovely weekend! stay turned for a HUGE giveaway coming up this tuesday! i mean, it's pretty big. you won't want to miss out. :)

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