Travel Adventures: Wyoming (and a pit stop in Austin, TX)

If you're wondering where I've been, I took it upon myself to tag along with my sister to Wyoming for her pharmacy school interview. We decided to make it a sisterly weekend getaway trip and enjoy the small town and some snow. I'm a Texas girl who has never experienced snow. The closest thing to snow I've seen was senior year in college when it "snowed" one night and everybody went running outside to take photos. So, when my sister and I found out there was a little ski resort with snow tubing (because there's no way we would ski!) just a few miles away from where we would be, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. Except the second we bought our tickets I started panicking because apparently we had to take a ski lift for snow tubing. And we weren't prepared with snow gear so we had to buy some and rent snow boats. We almost backed out because we were so scared. It's so out of our comfort zone but my sister didn't let me back out. We managed to make ourselves hop on that lift and go through with the snow tubing. And let me just tell you, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We were like little kids doing it again and again until it was dark.

We did some exploring of the small town of Laramie, had the scary experience of driving through snow on our way to the ski resort, and made our way back to Texas. We flew to Austin (it was cheaper) and J was sweet enough to pick us up from the airport and we went to eat at a cute little restaurant by a lake. It was the perfect weather for Saturday lunch. And I went a little photo crazy, so here you go! Enjoy. :)