Monday, January 6, 2014

Why I Need To Win The Lottery

(Shameless OOTD mirror selfie.)

There is so much I need want to buy but no cash. I need to start buying lottery tickets to win some free cash and spoil myself with spas and new wardrobe. I need to win the lottery. A girl has needs. In the meantime, I'll have to settle for Friday's small paycheck and start scratching things off my wish list:

+ a mani/pedi session
+ a new haircut and hair color.
+ a camera case for that beauty you see in the photo above.
+ a gym membership. because lack of money of always an excuse.
+ new books and movies, specifically horror movies.
+ more clothes. because a girl can never have enough clothes.
+ the new iphone 5s. (this girl is still on that iphone 4s!)
+ a trip to ikea for new drawers and closet organizers because clearly my closet is about to explode.

And then maybe once I make that trip to Ikea I can finally get to posting the long overdue updated version of small closet organization. Thankfully J's parents were so sweet and pretty much were on point this past Christmas with my gift: a Sephora gift card. That'll kill the itch to spend money for now. I am in need of new makeup.

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