Thursday, February 27, 2014

Insta Lately 001

insta lately

Life has been amazing lately. I am beyond blessed to have had a wonderful past few weeks, with it being busy and all. February was full of love and lots of quality time spent with the boyfriend and friends. I've done "life lately" posts but I decided I wanted to start posting "insta lately" every um, 2 weeks? If life isn't as eventful as it has been lately, then I'll probably spread it out a little bit. But I don't know. It's almost March which means Spring Break and a trip to New Orleans! And then it's April, my all time favorite month of the year because it's Fiesta time! 

According to Instagram, I...
- spent a beautiful Sunday exploring Austin with the boyfriend.
- relaxed outside the Texas capital.
- had the boyfriend try In-N-Out burgers for the first time.
- had a girl's night in Austin. Nothing too crazy. 
- posted a selfie pre-going out in Austin.
- had a triple date with an old college friend. (We may or may not have drank 1 too many drinks.)
- spoiled my little baby Winston with walks, cuddles and playtime.
- took a picture of a picture. 
- enjoyed wine tasting with J's family in Fredericksburg.

Make sure you follow me along on instagram. :) Happy Thursday! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

For The Office / Coffee Mugs

Happy Monday! Or, if you're like me then you hate Mondays. They're such a drag. I would much rather be snuggled up in bed in my pjs at home, catching up on some of my favorite shows on Netflix. But I need money. I have to feed my bad shopping habits. Oh, and pay for school and my bills. That, too. So, I figured the best way to start off the work week would be with an awesome coffee mug. There are several cute coffee mugs that will turn your Monday (or any work day) around! I swear, I'm going to end up buying all of these. I'm currently in love with my Everyday I'm Hustlin' coffee mug.

coffee mugs for the office

01. Same Amount Of Hours As Beyonce Mug
02. Hustlin' Coffee Mug
03. I Woke Up Like This Mug
04. Coffee Before Talkie Mug
05. Eat, Blog, Love Mug
06. Shh, There's Wine In Here Mug

Hope these coffee mugs turn your Monday around!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites // 004

happy friday! i'm back on board with the friday favorites series. last week i didn't get a chance to schedule a friday favorites post in advance because (a) i'm a procrastinator, rushing to finish putting together the last few pieces of my valentine's day surprise and (b) i chose to end my thursday night with happy hour over whipping up a friday favorites post. i mean, you can't say no to happy hour.

01. kourtney kardashian is my favorite kardashian and one of my style icons. she always dresses super fab. if i could raid any celebrity's closet, it would definitely be kourtney's. can someone call her up and ask her to please donate all her old clothes to me? i would die.

02. a walk to remember is by far one of my most favorite love movies ever. with it being february and whatnot, i have been in this mood to watch all these romance movies. this movie never gets old. "love is patient, love is kind."

03. eyeshadow inspiration all over pinterest. i am most likely going to just splurge on the naked 3 eyeshadow palette. because my naked basics palette is just about to hit a dead end, so i'm looking for inspiration on eyeshadow makeup.

04. gold statement necklaces. enough said. i am obsessed with statement necklaces and probably don't need anymore, but the more i'm on pinterest, the more i want to buy. i am loving these two gold necklaces layered up.

05. sweater weather season is almost up. with all these spontaneous cold fronts, i am enjoying the last few weeks i have with my favorite sweaters. they will be missed. how many more cold fronts on the way to texas?

happy, happy friday! i'll be enjoying another weekend getaway this weekend. this time with some friends. off to austin, texas we go! :)

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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is just what I needed. I have always been a fan of planning vacation trips to get away and escape for a bit, but I never thought of going away on a weekend trip in a cabin with no television and no internet service. It is by far the most relaxing experience. Cabin weekend getaway - you can cross that off my bucket list now!

J and his family planned this cabin weekend months ago for Valentine's Day weekend with the whole family. Friday (Valentine's Day) started off with the usual Friday work schedule with a few Valentine's Day goodies here and there. Some flowers and some chocolate covered strawberries. No biggie, just some loving. :) J personally delivered pink tulips and a box of chocolates in the morning and then in the afternoon he surprised me again with a second batch of surprises, a Snoopy stuffed animal and chocolate covered strawberries. 
valentine's day flowers
Except, I think I won the surprise game with this.

valentine's day desk decor idea
valentine's day desk decor idea

Thursday after work I swung J's work and decorated his desk with the help of one of his co-workers. It looked like Valentine's Day exploded on his desk. The next morning he was blown away and couldn't believe it. That evening we went about our Valentine's Day tradition of enjoying a heart shaped pizza and a movie at his place. We don't like to go out to a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. It's way too busy. The wait time is forever. We save romantic dinners for another day. 

valentine's day heart shaped pizza

Saturday morning we packed our bags and headed to the cabin to meet up with his family. We started off the trip with wine tasting at a few nearby vineyards, had dinner and ended the night playing card games. Sunday we started the day going on a hiking trail, which left my entire body sore. I am not cut out for the outdoors. 

wine tasting vineyards
wine tasting vineyards
family game night

All in all, it was great to getaway for a little bit and just relax without worrying about my phone blowing up with emails and social media notifications. It was nice relaxing and enjoying quality time with J and his family. :)

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Five Year Anniversary

anniversary 005 // today marks five years of being in love with this handsome boy. i am beyond blessed to have found a boy so loving and so patient. the most amazing love is the kind of love that is unexpected and so effortless. in the past five years, we have grown to love each other and understand each other. we have learned how to encourage each other and how to push each other. we have traveled together (and even went ziplining over freemount in vegas. who knew we'd be so daring.) from becoming the best of friends freshman year in college to being my date to every single sorority date dash to being my biggest movie nerd to being proud puppy owners to little baby winston, here's to the past five years and many more to come. i love you, cray.

via pinterest.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Favorites // 003

happy friday! time is flying by way too fast. we are now exactly one week away from valentine's day. i'm excited for valentine's day weekend. j and i will be spending valentine's day as usual, and then that saturday we're spending the weekend out in a little cabin with his family and his brother and his girlfriend. it'll be nice to get away and disconnect for a while. that's why i am looking for guest bloggers! if anyone else is interested in sharing a little piece of their blog on my little blog, feel free to email me at :) now, on to friday favorites!

001. peonies have recently been my favorites. i am on the search for colorful peonies to be beautifully displayed at my work desk. the hunt for peonies begins!

002. banana bread is a must have when i stop by starbucks to pick up my morning coffee every day. i need to learn how to make some banana bread of my own. if you have any pinterest banana bread recipes, let me know!

003. good vibes only and this mug is the perfect reminder to live each day freely. i stumbled upon this mug on the note to self print shop and right away knew i needed to have it in my life!

004. pretty little liars is getting so good. i won't give any spoilers but eek! the closer the girls get to "A" the more dangerous it becomes for them. and, i actually watched ravenswood this week only because hanna was on it.

005. demi lovato will forever be my #WCW. girl can pull off just about any hair color - black, blonde, blue, pink! right now her "neon lights" song is on repeat. and i'm dying to get her "staying strong" book.

happy weekend!

Neon Lights by Demi Lovato on Grooveshark

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good things come to those who wait (and pray).

A quick little post to share something that's been on my mind. For the past year I have been in and out of the doctor's office with back to back appointments and numerous eye surgeries thanks to recurring chalazions and styes. Today I went to a follow up appointment with my ophthalmologist and finally received some good news. To hear her say, "You're doing good. I'll see you back in 7 months." was music to my ears. It meant my prayers have been answered. It's not much but dealing with chalazions this past year has been exhausting and not to mention expensive. It really messed with my self-confidence. I hardly ever went out anymore. I bailed on spontaneous vacation trips with my spontaneous vacation crew because I was so insecure. I packed on makeup to make it less visible and hid behind my glasses. (Overdramatic much?) Except a lot of time that made it worse. Once I even went out without my glasses and was blind the entire night, haha. So, now I finally can catch a break from all these doctor appointments and can use my vacation days for an actual vacation! I am beyond excited.

Happy Wednesday! Hump dayyyy.