Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is just what I needed. I have always been a fan of planning vacation trips to get away and escape for a bit, but I never thought of going away on a weekend trip in a cabin with no television and no internet service. It is by far the most relaxing experience. Cabin weekend getaway - you can cross that off my bucket list now!

J and his family planned this cabin weekend months ago for Valentine's Day weekend with the whole family. Friday (Valentine's Day) started off with the usual Friday work schedule with a few Valentine's Day goodies here and there. Some flowers and some chocolate covered strawberries. No biggie, just some loving. :) J personally delivered pink tulips and a box of chocolates in the morning and then in the afternoon he surprised me again with a second batch of surprises, a Snoopy stuffed animal and chocolate covered strawberries. 
valentine's day flowers
Except, I think I won the surprise game with this.

valentine's day desk decor idea
valentine's day desk decor idea

Thursday after work I swung J's work and decorated his desk with the help of one of his co-workers. It looked like Valentine's Day exploded on his desk. The next morning he was blown away and couldn't believe it. That evening we went about our Valentine's Day tradition of enjoying a heart shaped pizza and a movie at his place. We don't like to go out to a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. It's way too busy. The wait time is forever. We save romantic dinners for another day. 

valentine's day heart shaped pizza

Saturday morning we packed our bags and headed to the cabin to meet up with his family. We started off the trip with wine tasting at a few nearby vineyards, had dinner and ended the night playing card games. Sunday we started the day going on a hiking trail, which left my entire body sore. I am not cut out for the outdoors. 

wine tasting vineyards
wine tasting vineyards
family game night

All in all, it was great to getaway for a little bit and just relax without worrying about my phone blowing up with emails and social media notifications. It was nice relaxing and enjoying quality time with J and his family. :)

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend! 

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