Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites // 004

happy friday! i'm back on board with the friday favorites series. last week i didn't get a chance to schedule a friday favorites post in advance because (a) i'm a procrastinator, rushing to finish putting together the last few pieces of my valentine's day surprise and (b) i chose to end my thursday night with happy hour over whipping up a friday favorites post. i mean, you can't say no to happy hour.

01. kourtney kardashian is my favorite kardashian and one of my style icons. she always dresses super fab. if i could raid any celebrity's closet, it would definitely be kourtney's. can someone call her up and ask her to please donate all her old clothes to me? i would die.

02. a walk to remember is by far one of my most favorite love movies ever. with it being february and whatnot, i have been in this mood to watch all these romance movies. this movie never gets old. "love is patient, love is kind."

03. eyeshadow inspiration all over pinterest. i am most likely going to just splurge on the naked 3 eyeshadow palette. because my naked basics palette is just about to hit a dead end, so i'm looking for inspiration on eyeshadow makeup.

04. gold statement necklaces. enough said. i am obsessed with statement necklaces and probably don't need anymore, but the more i'm on pinterest, the more i want to buy. i am loving these two gold necklaces layered up.

05. sweater weather season is almost up. with all these spontaneous cold fronts, i am enjoying the last few weeks i have with my favorite sweaters. they will be missed. how many more cold fronts on the way to texas?

happy, happy friday! i'll be enjoying another weekend getaway this weekend. this time with some friends. off to austin, texas we go! :)

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