Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good things come to those who wait (and pray).

A quick little post to share something that's been on my mind. For the past year I have been in and out of the doctor's office with back to back appointments and numerous eye surgeries thanks to recurring chalazions and styes. Today I went to a follow up appointment with my ophthalmologist and finally received some good news. To hear her say, "You're doing good. I'll see you back in 7 months." was music to my ears. It meant my prayers have been answered. It's not much but dealing with chalazions this past year has been exhausting and not to mention expensive. It really messed with my self-confidence. I hardly ever went out anymore. I bailed on spontaneous vacation trips with my spontaneous vacation crew because I was so insecure. I packed on makeup to make it less visible and hid behind my glasses. (Overdramatic much?) Except a lot of time that made it worse. Once I even went out without my glasses and was blind the entire night, haha. So, now I finally can catch a break from all these doctor appointments and can use my vacation days for an actual vacation! I am beyond excited.

Happy Wednesday! Hump dayyyy. 

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