Thursday, February 27, 2014

Insta Lately 001

insta lately

Life has been amazing lately. I am beyond blessed to have had a wonderful past few weeks, with it being busy and all. February was full of love and lots of quality time spent with the boyfriend and friends. I've done "life lately" posts but I decided I wanted to start posting "insta lately" every um, 2 weeks? If life isn't as eventful as it has been lately, then I'll probably spread it out a little bit. But I don't know. It's almost March which means Spring Break and a trip to New Orleans! And then it's April, my all time favorite month of the year because it's Fiesta time! 

According to Instagram, I...
- spent a beautiful Sunday exploring Austin with the boyfriend.
- relaxed outside the Texas capital.
- had the boyfriend try In-N-Out burgers for the first time.
- had a girl's night in Austin. Nothing too crazy. 
- posted a selfie pre-going out in Austin.
- had a triple date with an old college friend. (We may or may not have drank 1 too many drinks.)
- spoiled my little baby Winston with walks, cuddles and playtime.
- took a picture of a picture. 
- enjoyed wine tasting with J's family in Fredericksburg.

Make sure you follow me along on instagram. :) Happy Thursday! 

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