I survived NOLA.

I'm back from NOLA! Okay, I've been back for a week but I've been catching up on some much needed sleep and randomly decided to do some Spring cleaning.

NOLA was great.  It was a quick trip. I wish we could've stayed longer but we all had work to go back home to. We did as much as we could do. We ate New Orleans food, we walked around the French Quarter, listened to great street music, partied on Bourbon Street, went to a tarot card reader, visited the Lafayette Cemetery, and ate some more New Orleans food. I'm surprise I didn't explode. Next time, with more time, I hope to go on plantation tours, ghost tours, swamp tours, every tour! I did see some hotels still had the waterlines from Hurricane Katrina, and wow! That alone just blew my mind. The thought that the entire city was under water is just incredibly shocking. Overall, the trip was great! We had a lot of fun. Here's a recap and a few photos.

bourbon street NOLA

bourbon street NOLA

We left early Saturday and arrived to New Orleans late Saturday afternoon. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and headed straight to Bourbon Street to eat first. I'm not going to lie, walking up to Bourbon Street was overwhelming. In a good way. It was like BOOM! Welcome to Bourbon Street. We ate, one of our sorority sisters who now lives in Baton Rouge met up with us, and then we hit Bourbon Street - hard! Ok, not too hard. We ran into a few friends from school. (I'm pretty sure everybody and their mom was in NOLA that weekend.) We actually ended our night pretty early. Like 1:30AM early. We're old. We can't hang.

louisiana supreme court

french quarter NOLA

french quarter NOLA

NOLA shopping

NOLA mardi gras decor

lafayette cemetery

I feel like Sunday was a blur, and not because of alcohol. We just did a lot. We had breakfast/lunch, tried fried tomatoes for the first time, shopped around, walked around the French Quarter (a lot), found an H&M and spent an hour (and too much money) there, went to Café Du Monde and had beignets for the first time. NCIS was filming at Café Du Monde. We went back to the hotel to "rest for 5 minutes and change" which quickly turned into an hour nap. We visited the Lafayette Cemetery and went back to Bourbon Street to shop souvenirs and have one drink. We're lame.

We checked out. We had breakfast…somewhere. I'm horrible at remembering places or restaurant names. But the food was good and we had more beignets. We did some last minute souvenir shopping and hit the road. I'm telling you, it was a quick trip. But it was fun. :)

NOLA, I will return soon. I promise. :)