Friday, April 18, 2014

6 Things I Chose To Do Over Being Productive

For this week's Friday post, I'm switching it up a bit. I'm joining Erica Jacquline for her Listed Fridays link up.

6 things i chose to do over being productive

1. Sleep. I needed a few extra hours of beauty sleep, so I sacrificed starting on my proposal paper in order to make sure I had at least 9 hours of sleep last night. Now I'm ready to tackle the paper this weekend.
2. Two words: Grey's Anatomy. Thursdays means it's Grey's Anatomy night. It's only a few episodes away from the big goodbye to Dr. Cristina Yang and the preview alone last night for next week's farewell episode had me in tears. I'm not emotionally stable to be productive.
3. Planning birthday festivities. I turn 25 in less than a week and I have no idea what I'm doing for my birthday. I need to start planning. It's important. It's the celebration of turning a quarter of a century, so it's kind of a big deal. Even if I don't want to celebrate it.
4.  Take Winston to the vet. He was due for an annual check up and his next round of shots, so I just had to take him to the vet. There are things in life that you can't ignore and put aside for later. Winston's little puppy health is very important. He's my little baby. I mean, look at this little face!

5. Update all my iPhone apps. Because we all hate seeing that little number on the top right hand corner of the App Store icon.
6. Attend Fiesta events. It's San Antonio, so Fiesta is happening every day. It's tempting to drop what you're doing and just head to one of the many events.

Now that I have gotten all of these things out of the way, I can now be productive. Happy Friday! 

Erica Jacquline

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