Thursday, April 17, 2014

Insta Lately 003

Insta Lately 003
According to Instagram, April has been very eventful which doesn't come to much of a surprise to me because it's Fiesta time in San Antonio. My life through the Instagram lens goes a little like this:

+ Winston showed us his winky face. He's ready for the ladies. Hey, baby! Line them up.
+ Wingstop is the way to my heart, and my boyfriend knows it. We miss our Walking Dead Sundays. We're ready for the next season to start already!
+ Throwback Thursdays is an excuse to walk down memory lane and boy, do I miss Vegas. This is a throwback photo from 2012, zip-lining over Freemount Strip in Las Vegas with the boyfriend. We're kind of adventurous like that.
+ Homecoming Baby Bake weekend, the weekend alum come back to drink all weekend long. 1 out of ten million photos from that weekend, and it had to be one with my pledge sister.
+ You know it's spring when there are colorful flowers blooming everywhere you go.
+ I made sure I set money aside from my tax refund check to go on a little shopping spree. What girl doesn't love to treat herself to a little shopping? I hardly ever have time now to shop, so I went a little crazy.
+ When we do have time for a social life, we like to take a photo together.
+ A group photo with a few of my sorority sisters right before we were interviewed by a TV news station.
+ A photo with my little sister because this year she decided to tag along to Oyster Bake with boyfriend and I. I feel like Oyster Bake is the official kick off of Fiesta in San Antonio and I'm not just saying that because it's held at my alma mater. It's because I go crazy for the food - chicken on a stick, burgers, corn in a cup, sausage on a stick, funnel cakes. I mean, if you haven't experienced Fiesta in San Antonio, then you're missing out!

Now, this was not on my Instagram but I did share some great news on my Twitter the other day. You ready?

I am going to the 50th Annual ACM Awards in Dallas, TX next year!

ACM Awards 50th Annual Texas

I am a huge country music fan so when I first heard that the ACM Awards was coming to Texas, I had to make I got my little country butt some tickets! And I don't mean like nosebleeds, let me just be in the atmosphere and feel the country music in the air. I wanted to be up close, on the floor, where all the action would be. So, I made sure I signed up to get access to pre-sale tickets and got my hands on floor tickets. And now I'm poor, but it's totally worth it! 50th Annual ACM Awards, see you next year!

And then two days later, Texas bi-polar weather gave us some hail strong enough to crack my windshield. After I just pulled a big chunk of money out of my savings for the ACM tickets. Whomp, whomp. So, I'm poor now. 

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