Thursday, June 26, 2014

Insta Lately 004

insta lately with a pinch of jasmine

It's been a while since I've done an Insta Lately post. I personally think I am horrible at remembering to post photos on Instagram. I'll work on it. Meanwhile, here's what I've been up to according to my Instagram photos. 

Moving week. I have been helping my boyfriend move into his new apartment these past few days and Winston has been getting really anxious with all the movement happening around the apartment. He's been extra loud, so we thought: let's put him in a box and see what happens. Well, he freaked out. He froze and did not flinch. He was seriously the quietest and calmest I have ever seen him. I think we found our new timeout. A box. 

Lush products. How have I not discovered Lush products any sooner? Where has it been all my life? First of all, their customer service is amazing. The girl really took the time to walk me through the products that might be fit for me and tested it out. Second, well. I am just loving the products the more and more I get to use them. I have sensitive skin, so it's been amazing on my skin so far. 

Smoke Shack BBQ. My boyfriend and I have been dying to try this new barbecue restaurant ever since we had their seriously amazing breakfast barbecue tacos at a farmer's market last month. Delicious. Our new favorite spot. 

Spurs Championship Celebrations. We have been waiting for this day for the past 7 years: an NBA Championship for the San Antonio Spurs. I am so proud to be a Spurs fan. Of course we had to attend all the festivities, including the Spurs victory parade downtown at the Riverwalk. It was hot and gross, but we stuck it out for our Spurs.

Movie night. My sister made me promise her to take her to the movies to see The Fault in Our Stars the weekend it came out, but it was crazy packed so we waited to go to the movies on a Monday night. It is definitely a tearjerker. I will most likely go see it again for a second time around.

Sunday Brunch.  You can't go wrong with Sunday Brunch that includes $2 mimosas. What more is there to say to that? Delicious!

Sunday quote. Speaking of Sunday, my boyfriend and I have really been trying to make the most out of our Sundays by making sure we wake up early for church, run some errands, do a little shopping, try some farmer's market food, etc. It's the best way to kick start the week. 

The SAGA installation. I have been wanting to go to this since it first previewed and my goodness, it is beautiful. For more photos, make sure you check out my Finding Beauty in Your Own City post. 

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