Concert Recap: John Legend's All Of Me Tour

Let me dedicate an entire blog post on how beautiful John Legend’s voice is with a recap of the most incredible, most perfect night of my life. Because flooding your Instagram and Twitter feed just wasn’t enough. (Note: I will be on a John Legend high for the next month or so.)

Joseph and I have waited years to see John Legend live in concert. As soon as John Legend announced on his Facebook that he was adding dates to his All Of Me Tour, I jumped right on it and bought tickets almost immediately after the announcement, meaning I was able to snatch a pair of floor seat tickets. I nearly past out. We requested a half a day at work so we could beat Austin traffic before the concert. I may or may not have convinced Joseph to have lunch at The Domain just so I could cause some major shopping damage at H&M and Zara. Those summer sales sucked me.

We arrived at the concert venue as soon as door opened. Marsha Ambrosius was the opening performer. I have never heard of her but wow! She was absolutely amazing. She knows how to put on a good show.

And then, it was time for John Legend. It was a small, intimate crowd so it made it even more personal. He share some stories in between songs. He performed songs from all of his previous albums. And then he performed “Ordinary People,” and I died and came back to life. A little history: this song is a pretty big song for Joseph and I. When we first started dating in college, this song pretty much became “our song” because it just speaks the truth. Relationships sometimes are tough but in the end, it’s love that keeps two people together. (Okay, let’s cut the cheesiness and go back to the concert recap.)

From performing “Ordinary People” to “Get Lifted” to “Green Light” to “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” to of course, “All Of Me” – the concert was absolutely perfect.

Next week's MCM? More like Man Crush Monday every day of my life. I mean, could John Legend be any more perfect? Guys. Take some notes.