Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It has been a long, tough week. Summer school is coming to an end, meaning there is a lot of reading and last minute writing involved. I was in three different Texas cities in less than 48 hours. Laredo for my cousin’s baby shower Sunday, back in San Antonio on Monday and then Cedar Park/Austin on Tuesday for the John Legend concert. Yeah, I am exhausted and behind on my sleep. Friday night is going to be a chill night for Joseph and I. Netflix it is, with some Friday Favorites. I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I last did a Friday Favorites post. I promise to get back on that.

Cooking | Joseph and I are going to try to cook more often instead of picking up take out or going out for dinner. Most of the ideas I get from Pinterest he says no to but this little recipe I will have to just make happen. It has two of my favorite things: shrimp and avocado.

Future Home Inspiration | I think I have set my mind on gold, black & white to be the color scheme of my future master bedroom, whenever that day may come. Future hubby, be prepared for me to take over the design of our future home. #sorryimnotsorry

Style Inspiration | Shelby from Glitter & Gingham is  officially my go-to fashion blogger for style inspiration. Every time I go to her blog, I want to instantly shop the outfits she has put together. And, she shops at the same stores I shop at. I just lack in the “styling items together” department.

Quotes and Sayings | I have the travel bug. I have plans to go spend NYE at Disney World and Universal Studios but that is way too far. I’m getting anxious and impatient. Time to make a bucket list of places I want to travel to, in the United States. I’m still on a budget and in school. Any ideas? What are some must visit US cities?

Reorganization Inspiration | I have been dying to reorganize my book case. It’s a mess right now and my books, school books, and magazines are scattered everywhere. I think I’ve found the perfect way I want to set up my book case. Time to pay the Container Store and Ikea a visit. Road trip?


Meet Kasi. It has been a joy having Kasi, a history enthusiast, as a Super Fab sponsor and reading her blog. You can tell Kasi loves history and art by her photos of the museums she has visited, including Albertina. Not only does this blogger love to travel, but she also loves to try new food. Now, in case you didn't know: I love food and traveling. So, following a blogger who posts about the latest food finds and loves food as much as I do is a keeper. I'm pretty sure we could go on a double-date and have the time of our lives trying out new restaurants, exploring cities like Columbus. Make sure you visit her blog and follow along on her travel adventures!
Kasi from Birch Juice Blog

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