Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Goals

July Goals

B L O G G I N G  goals

Scheduled posts. The other day I scheduled a week’s worth of blog posts and it felt amazing. I have been setting time aside to look through my blog journal filled with notes and blog ideas, while also browsing through Pinterest for some blog inspiration. Something about the new blog design has pushed me to be more consistent with my blog posts. I looked back at my most viewed blog posts (check them out on the sidebar!) to kind of get an idea of what the audience is interested in. What types of blog posts are you interested in?

Hootsuite. I recently signed up for a Hootsuite account and I am loving the schedule social media posts feature. I have always wondered how other bloggers do it with staying active on Twitter and keeping up with sharing their sponsor’s latest blog posts without them being posted back-to-back within an hour. I’ve heard of Hootsuite before but had never gotten myself to just do it, and wow! I cannot believe I waited so long. What other blogger resources do you use that you just cannot live without?

A C A D E M I C  goals

Readings. Stay on top of my reading assignments this semester for graduate school. Last semester I picked up the bad habit of waiting until the last minute to read. (I know, I know. Procrastination is bad. But at least I read.) I would find myself spending my work lunch hour at Starbucks reading the day the reading assignment was due. Let me just say, the Starbucks Protein boxes are not filling. I miss enjoying a real lunch at a sit down restaurant.

Set appointments with your professors. I think it’s important to meet with your professors every now and then, just to kind of talk about where you stand as far as your grade throughout the semester instead of having it come to a surprise when final grades are due. By then, it will have been too late. Don't wait until the last minute.

H E A L T H  goals

Eat healthier. For the month of July, I want to avoid fast food. Not only is it bad for me but, financially, the money adds up. I want to prepare my lunch meals for the week in advanced, even if it’s a small fruit salad or pasta salad. Every little bit helps. Fridays maybe I will even treat myself to eating out for lunch but at a healthy restaurant, that serves nothing to salads. I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into for a November wedding. It's time to get fit and serious.

Sleep. For some reason I cannot get myself to go to bed at a decent time. I either stay up watching television (HGTV’s Flip or Flop has been my newest obsession) or watching YouTube videos, which is bad because that means (a) I have a hard time waking up for work the next morning, (b) I am tired and in dying need of a second coffee by 10am, and (b) it's not healthy. Snoozing the alarm is no longer an option. All electronics will be off by 10pm.

What are your goals for this month?

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