Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

99% of the photos in my iPhone camera roll are of my dog. I have a problem.

Ever since my boyfriend and I first got Winston over a year ago, most of our attention has turned to our little furball. You would think we were parents trying to capture every moment of our child. I never realized how my life revolved around my dog until I started “clearing out” my iPhone camera roll the other day. I say “clearing out” because I didn’t. I couldn’t get myself delete the thousands of photos I have of Winston. Because, of course, I have to take 20 different shots of:

Winston at the park.
Winston sleeping.
Winston being lazy.
Winston being cute.
Winston puppy training.
Winston in his new puppy outfit.
Winston pre grooming session.
Winston freshly groomed.
Winston being high maintenance.
Winston watching me study.
Why? Because I have a problem. To be fair, Winston does not sit still for photos (unless I have a doggy treat in my hand) so taking 50 shots of him playing at the park is required. I’m lucky if I get at least one still shot. The rest are blurry. So, instead of “that crazy cat lady” you can call me “that crazy dog lady” because after looking through my camera roll, I’ve realized I’m exactly that. But – I love him so much. I’m a proud puppy momma.

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