Weekend Recap

(order is backwards, oops. starting with sunday and working backwards.)

farmer's market  | i love food so naturally, sundays are my favorite. my sister and i like to go to farmer's market to try new foods. i had a chinese chili dog while my sister went with the vegetarian dragon. and, i got a smoothie. this particular sunday, though, was ten times hotter than any other day in texas. at least, that's what it felt like to me. we lasted maybe thirty minutes tops. 

austin, tx  | joseph and i love austin, so any chance we get to enjoy a weekend away in austin, we pack our bags and head to austin whether it's for the day or for a night. this time, we had more time than usual so we decided to just go exploring. no plans. we went to zilker park, barton springs, ate at freddie's place (which, btw, is dog friendly so it was perfect since took winston along for the trip), picked up some smoothies/juices before heading back home.

friday evening outfit shots | last week i made a trip to target and, of course, came out spending more than what i was suppose to. i blame the cute new tops target had. i may or may go back and get the other color of this top. photo credit: my sister.