Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites 010

Hello! It's Friday, it's pay day and it's tax free weekend. Is it really time to get ready for a new school year? Where did summer go? I still can't decide if I even want to try and shop during tax free weekend, or if I want to just avoid that mall crowd. I haven't been to the mall during tax free weekend since I worked retail 3 years ago nor do I want to look back at those crazy days. It's insane. I pray for those working tax free weekend. Good luck! But, it is Friday Favorites time!

Friday Favorites

Make Up Picks | Hello, Naked 3 palette. Better late than never, right? I'm a little late in joining in on the fun of owning just any Naked palette, other than the Naked Basics. I've been a Too Faced eye shadow kind of girl because (a) it's cheaper and (b) it has cute little "how to" cards. But I am loving this Naked 3 palette so far!

Cooking | Lately I have been craving ceviche but of course, a ceviche appetizer alone at a restaurant is so expensive. I found recipe for a canned tuna ceviche recipe on Pinterest that I'm dying to try out. It looks delicious!

Office Organization | Whitney from Whitney Blake Blog recently launched the cutest hourly day planner. This girl is taking Heart & Arrows Design to the next level and I am so excited for her! I'm pre-ordering one of these babies right now! 

Style Wants | According to my Weekend Finds, I did plenty of shopping last weekend but when I stumbled upon this leopard print dress on ASOS through Pinterest, I fell in love with it. I have yet to buy it only because I can't decide if I should spend any more. Thoughts? 

Quotes & Sayings | I don't share too much of what's going on in my personal life on my blog, but I will say this, my family has been going through a lot these past two weeks and has suffered a loss. I have been praying for strength and understanding, and this little verse has been so meaningful to me lately.

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend! 

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