Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Post: Decorating Tips from an Interior Designer

What better way to end the month than with a guest post from one of my Super Fab sponsors? Today Rebecca from Renovating Rebecca will be taking over the blog to share some decorating tips. I am definitely taking notes!

Hi! I'm Rebecca and I blog at Renovating Rebecca. I am a newlywed, dog mom, photography enthusiast, and interior designer. My post topics include decorating, travel, photography, and our wedding.

When people find out that I'm an interior designer, I usually get comments like, "I need help with my house." or "I need decorating advice." Although I am an interior designer, I don't design houses or even work much with finishes. I work for the government and spend most of my time reviewing bids for furniture packages. It's pretty dull and boring work, but I do enjoy decorating my own home. Today I'm giving some basic tips that can be applied to anyone and any decorating scheme.

1. Don't buy furniture in sets. I don't know many people who want their home to look like it came out of a catalog. Most people want their home to be a reflection of themselves and their personality. I think this is best achieved by buying individual furniture pieces instead of sets.

2. Hang your window treatments high. I feel like this tip is everywhere in Pinterest, but in case you aren't aware of this, here's a great image.

Hanging your window treatments higher makes your windows and ceilings look taller.

3. Mix and match styles. Just because you have a mid-century sofa doesn't mean that you can't mix in traditional furniture with it.

4. Neutral walls and colorful furniture OR colorful walls and neutral furniture. I recommend one or the other, not both. There are a few exceptions to this rule - Holly from in the fun lane does a great job with the neutral on neutral color scheme and Emily Henderson did a very colorful tween girl's room - but I think this near to impossible for the regular person to pull off.

5. Spend money on investment pieces; the furniture that you will have for years (like a sofa or dining room table). Save on accessories by buying them at thrift stores or yard sales. Whenver I get tired of a room in my apartment, I go thrift store shopping for new accessories or lamps. Spray paint can transform practically any and every ugly thrift store find.

Everything in this photo (except the candle) was bought at a thrift store.

6. Buy things you LOVE. Don't just buy something because you want to finish up a space. Wait until you find something you love and can't live without. When I'm not sure about buying an item, I usually walk around the store for a few minutes. If I'm still thinking about that same item, then I know I should buy it.

7. Framing doesn't have to be expensive. I buy most of my frames at thrift stores and then spray paint them. Last year I bought 30 frames for $10.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Finds + Super Fab Sponsor Spotlight

Happy Sunday! (Better late than never!)

This past weekend I did the most damage shopping I have ever done in the history of shopping. I blame wedding season and Fall season. I have been to the mall more times this past weekend than in the past six months. It's insane. But I want to focus on Weekend Finds at Sephora. I have been in need of a makeup run at Sephora for just a few things, but you know a few things turns out into adding this and that, plus adding more because you're so close to hitting 500 points to get that rewards freebie. (PS: The 500 points gift is a Bobbi Brown starter kit.)

weekend finds

Urban Decay Prep Spray | I use the all nighter setting spray by Urban Decay. I've heard good things about the prep spray so I gave the sample size bottle a shot and I liked it. It feels refreshing. I didn't want to spend too much money on the large bottle since I already splurged on a second bottle of all nighter setting spray, so I went for the smaller version that's in that section at the check out. (The section that sucks you in while you wait in line.)

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer | I have been extra cautious with what I put on my face after having struggled with cystic acne. Now that my skin is all cleared up, I make sure to keep my face clear of acne by buying products that I know will help prevent breakouts. One product I swear by is this moisturizer by First Aid Beauty. It's the only moisturizer my face was able to handle when it was covered with painful cystic acne and once it cleared up, I kept using it because it has been so good to me. It's pricey but well worth it if you have sensitive skin.

Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer | I loved the Benefit POREfessional but after seeing one of Nicole Guerriero's YouTube videos, I decided to give the Smashbox Pore Minimizing primer a try.

Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner | I suck at putting on liquid eye liner. It takes me forever. I tried the gel liner and it's alright but this, this little one looks like it's going to be my new best friend and help me master the top eye liner. I cannot wait to start using this.

Cheetah Print Sephora Eyelash Curler | I needed a new eyelash curler and this one was looking cute. Plus, I love cheetah print. Sold. No hesitation on buying this bad boy.

Sephora Foundation Primer | I don't know how I feel about this primer. I always buy it when I'm already spending a lot on other make up products and I don't want to spend money on my favorite Smashbox primer. Lately I've been having to use this Sephora primer and egh, it's alright. It's the least expensive primer I could find at Sephora. If you have any other suggestions on not-so-expensive primers that are great on oily skin, let me know!

And then hello to this 500 point Sephora rewards gift set - the Bobbi Brown Modern Classics set. This is by far my favorite rewards set.

sephora bobbi brown

I think I'm all set on makeup, at least for now.


I love this next sponsor I'm about to introduce y'all to. Meet the "Florkens" also known as Kate and Adam. While "Florkens" may not necessarily be their last name (It's actually a combination of both their last names, like Bennifer, except better.) they are the fun married couple that blogs about pretty much anything and everything. (Quick little fun fact: Kate didn't take Adam's last nameWhy? Because "Florkens" is much better, duh. That's one reason.) After celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence had their photos hacked, did you ever asked yourself what if someone hacked into my photos? Don't worry. Adam has you covered with that thought in Adam's Corner. Or, are you contemplating on whether to have a small wedding or a big wedding? Kate confesses she didn't enjoy her wedding and would have preferred small elopement. Find out why and much more by visiting Kate and Adam's the "Florkens" blog.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Listed Tuesdays: Personal Days

It's been a while since I've joined Erica Jacqueline for a Listed Tuesdays link up.  I was scheduling guest posts when I realized, I need to write a post of my own. When I sat down to write, I had writer's block. Solution? A link up. I blame the lounging around the house the past four days for the lack of inspiration. I have been enjoying time off from work, but usually when I'm off I'm out of town actually having a vacation, which had me thinking - what do people do on their personal days?

listed tuesdays: productivity

1. Run errands. I fully support taking a personal day to get run your errands. I had a list piling up of things I had to get done but couldn't find a way to do them all during my lunch hour. (I don't like running errands during my lunch. I love my food. The only time I make an exception to pass up lunch is to get a manicure or do some reading at the park.) I needed to make a stop at the dry cleaner's, wash my car, go to Sephora. Yes, that's important. Sometimes I forget to buy new makeup that by the time I realize it, I have to buy $100 worth of makeup.

2. Treat yourself. I never have time for a mani/pedi. If anything, I have time for a quick manicure during my lunch but that usually means I'm starving at work. Personal days are great for setting up an appointment at the nearest nail salon to pamper yourself. Or better yet, set an appointment with your hair stylist! For me, I have split ends and my highlights are no longer highlights so it was time to get my hair done.

3. Get ahead. I like to use this time to not just catch up on some readings but get ahead on my school work. You just never know what new projects or commitments may come up that will cause you to fall behind in other areas. You can never be too prepared.

4. Go on a cleaning spree. Lately I have been bad at keeping everything clean and tidy. I am never home so the clothes pile up and the furniture gets dusty. Its pretty bad. Not only did I go on a cleaning spree these past few days but I also bought new thin hangers to make more room in my closet and reorganize a little.

5. Go to the movies. The best time to go to the movies is during the week in the daytime. Everybody is at work or at school, so you most likely will get the whole theatre to yourself.

6. Schedule all your doctor appointments in one day. Ok, maybe not all your doctor appointments but at least two. You mind as well knock some of them out at once. That yearly teeth cleaning at the dentist that you've been avoiding? Yeah, you should just book that and get it over with.

7. Yoga for relaxation. Get rid of all that tension and stress by signing up for an early morning yoga session to start your day. I used to like to sleep in on my personal days but I find that to be very unproductive. I would much rather wake up early, disconnect myself from the world for 90 minutes and enjoy hot yoga, and then pass out because it's so hot and I usually regret it 5 minutes into the session BUT you will feel so much better afterwards. I promise.

How do you spend your day off?


Say hello to Rebecca from Renovating Rebecca. The Huntsville, AL blogger is an interior designer by day and blogger by night. She shares upholstering tips on how to transform a wing back chair. Rebecca also shares the most beautiful wedding posts on her blog in a Wedding Wednesday series. If that doesn't have you going crazy with pinning wedding related pins on Pinterest, then take a look at her honeymoon in Venice where, despite the rain, her day turned out to be beautiful with a romantic gondola ride. Thanks to Rebecca, I think a honeymoon Pinterest board is in the works. Take a look at some of Rebecca's favorites and don't forget to visit her blog.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites + Super Fab Sponsor Spotlight

It's Friday! Well, for me, yesterday was my Friday. I'm enjoying a 4 day weekend. I'm hoping to use this time to do some homework, schedule posts well in advanced and get caught up on some of my favorite blog reads. There are a few exciting things to share, but first - let's jump into this week's Friday Favorites.

1. God has a great plan. I'm not going to lie, I tend to forget that God has a bigger plan, not just for me but for each and every one of us. If things don't go as planned, it's because He has a different plan for you. I like to go to Jeremiah 29:11 to remind myself of these things. "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." The plan He had for me was to have those many doors closed on me before opening the door that was actually meant for me. I am happy to say I will be starting a new job in two weeks. I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my life. All the hard work is starting to pay off and I cannot wait to see what else He has in store for me.

2. Falling for flannels. Lately I have been wanting to take a fashion risk and just buy a flannel shirt. I wasn't sure how I would style it but after finding a few cute flannel outfits on Pinterest, I think I am ready to give it a try.

3. Lauren Conrad gets married. Lauren Conrad got married last weekend and seeing the photos and tweets reminded me how much I miss watching Laguna Beach and The Hills. Where can I find the seasons so I can go on a watching binge? I love Lauren Conrad's style and personality.

4. Hello, iPhone 6. If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I was that person that woke up early and waited in line to get the new iPhone 6. Did I go to the Apple store and wait 5 hours in line? No. I went straight to the Verizon store where there were only like 25 people in line. #winning I am in love with the iPhone 6 and I cannot wait to use the crystal clear camera.

5. Comfy shoes. I have been eyeing these loafers and have been hunting them down. I think these are Tod's driving shoes. I've seen some similar Tory Burch ones but I need some at a decent pricey. They are perfect.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Today I would like to introduce y'all to Keizra from VIDALUXE Studio. Keizra is not only a fabulous Texas blogger (shout out!) but also a creative consultant. I've followed along her journey from 27th + Luxe to her now newly rebranded blog, VIDALUXE Studio where she shares her thoughts on being creative in blogland and helpful tips like advertising your blog. I am seriously in love with her rebrand. So, if you're a new blogger looking for some inspiration and tips on how to focus on creating a powerful story, visit Keizra's blog. 

fun little side note: when putting together this sponsor spotlight, i got distracted with the grey's anatomy portion. so many good quotes on pinterest. seriously cannot wait for the show to come back next week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Must Watch Fall TV Shows

must watch fall tv shows

Is it just me or do all the good shows air in the Fall? I feel like I’ve had nothing good to watch lately, other than Pretty Little Liars but that ended in the summer for a little break until later on in the Fall. There are a few Fall TV shows that I am looking forward to.

MTV’s Awkward is coming back. Honestly, I completely forgot about that show and where it left off, but now that MTV keeps showing all these previews for it, I’m excited again. Will Jenna get back with Matty? Is that girl really pregnant? (Doubt it!) I'm pretty sure this show is the only show I watch on MTV.

Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars started yesterday. The cast is alright. I’m only excited about a few. (WARNING: If you’re not caught up with Pretty Little Liars, stop reading. PLL spoiler alert.) But, even though Mona was sadly killed off PLL, we get to see Janel Parrish dancing with Val Chmerkovskiy (the nice Chmerkovisky, not the one who hates life) on DWTS now.  Also, how cool is it to see a YouTube star on DWTS? Congrats to Bethany Mota! I'm excited to see her on the show, too. She seemed extremely nervous but that's understandable going from filming vlogs in your bedroom to performing on live television.

The Walking Dead has been MIA from my life. Come back to me! It’s been way too long. Although, after seeing the preview for the upcoming season, I’m not too sure how excited I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love TWD but this season may just be an annoying one for me. I thought we were done with the whole fighting with humans instead of the walkers. I thought we would be done with that after the Governor was killed off but it looks like it’s back to that.

And finally, my all-time favorite show in the history of all TV shows - Grey’s Anatomy. I feel like it’s been years since the last season aired. I am having major Grey’s Anatomy withdrawals. Even though the show won’t be the same with Cristina Yang, I cannot wait to see how Owen will be without Cristina, and if Derek and Meredith will leave Seattle Grace. They better stay together but knowing Shonda Rhimes, I don't know.

Other shows I'm looking forward to but I'm way too far behind to even bother catching up: New Girl, American Horror Story and Nashville.

What Fall TV shows are you excited for?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Insta Lately 006 + Super Fab Sponsor Spotlight

Oh, hello there, Monday. You snuck up on me way too soon. Lately, the weekends have been flying by so much quicker. When is the next holiday? Because I need another 3-day weekend in my life asap.

It's been a while since I've done an Insta Lately post. I think it's because there hasn't really been much going on in my life, at least, nothing good enough to document unless taking photos of work and school is suddenly cool enough to Instagram. Let me know? Other than that, the few times I have had a life lately has been saying goodbye to summer (all late) and hello again to a few friends.
insta lately

Sorority Love I love when my bff pledge sister comes home to visit. She made a surprise visit this past weekend so there was a lot of catching up with lunch dates, dinner dates and happy hour dates.

Work Selfie Oh, hey! I did document something work related. Because you can't pass up an opportunity to take a selfie at work, right?

Heart & Arrow Design I love supporting other bloggers. I am obsessed with my new day planner from Heart & Arrow Design.  I'm planning on sharing a post on how I use this to stay organized. Keep an eye out for that!

Farmer's Market What can I say? I love going to farmer's market every weekend just so I can try something new. Ming's Things is by far my favorite place to pick up a delicious breakfast.

ATX Love I need to just move to Austin with how many times I've been going lately. I love the city and the food. Any time I do go a chance to go to Austin, I make sure I don't leave without making a stop at Hey Cupcake.

Barton Springs Pool | I'm pretty sure my best friends and I picked the hottest day of the summer to go to Barton Springs because we were practically dying. Then we got in the water and we were freezing. We can never win. Either way, it was a good day trip to Austin to enjoy the last few days of summer. Checked that off the list of places to go to in Austin.

Baby Showers Big and Little photo at my great grandbaby's baby shower. It was good seeing all my sorority sisters. (Fun little side note: Prior to this photo, I may or may not have accidentally backed up into my mom's jeep. No damage was done to her Jeep. My car on the other hand, though...)

Farmer's Market (again) Alright, I need to take a break from farmer's market but I love food. This time my sister and I went to a different one and tried some ice cream.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale I love Kate Spade. I took advantage of the surprise sale to buy my very first Kate Spade bag. I mainly only have Kate Spade wallets. It was time to make the big purchase.

Now to enjoy this Fall weather that's slowly making its way to Texas!


I'm pretty sure Kelly from What Love Does is my long lost blogger twin. She has the cutest little blog space and her love story is absolutely magical. (Her proposal story took place at Disney World. Now, that's a dream come true!) There is so much to love about Kelly's blog. She shares a little bit of everything: life, style, career, home decor, and more. She shares tips on what to wear for your 9 to 5 job (great looks, btw!) while also sharing her journey on her first year in marriage by taking a look back at her first summer in Eau Claire with her new hubby. I'm so excited to have Kelly hanging out on the sidebar this month. Make sure you give her blog a visit!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Favorite Scarves Under $50

Because a post of my Fall Favorites wasn't enough. If you know anything about me, you will know that I have a pretty large collection of scarves, which is probably pointless for me to have that many scarves seeing as I live in Texas. I can't help it, though. A cheetah print scarf will always be my favorite. You just can't go wrong with cheetah, but these are also high up there on my favorite scarves list.

favorite scarves

What's your favorite Fall accessory? Are you as equally as obsessed with scarves as I am?


Say hello to Annie from Anniemayzing. Her blog is filled with so much love and happiness. I seriously cannot help but smile every time I visit her blog. Annie and her hubby (her knight in shining armor) go to some pretty sweet events. From NHL hockey games to an event at Yelp's 10th Anniversary where they got to meet the CEO of Yelp. If that's not enough excitement for you to read in one sitting, Annie gets to check off another thing from her bucket list: going to a Gavin Degraw concert. Her favorite celebrity! I seriously need to get out more now. Check out her blog to read more!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Favorites

Even though it is nowhere near Fall here in Texas, I like to dream of the Fall pieces I'm excited to wear for when that chilly weather finally does hit Texas. It's September and I'm a little jealous that everybody is already enjoying Fall. I need to move away from Texas. Fall is by far my favorite season because I am the kind of girl who loves big, chunky sweaters, leggings, scarves and leather boots. If I could wear these Fall pieces every day, I would. But until I can wear Fall outfits, I'll just have to shop for them and leave them sitting in my closet for another month or so.

fall favorites

Counting down the days! What are some of your Fall favorites?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Home Decor + Super Fab Sponsor

Goodbye, three-day weekend! I did a lot of catching up on some sleep, relaxed, enjoyed what was left of summer and, of course, did some browsing around Pinterest.  I feel like lately I have been getting more and more obsessed with home decor ideas. I blame HGTV's Flip or Flop reruns for the amount of time I ended up spending on Pinterest this past weekend. Someone, please buy me a big house so I can decorate to my tasting and then redecorate a month later. Because, of course, I will never be satisfied and will always have to redecorate. I think a trip to IKEA needs to happen ASAP.

home decor ideas
How often do you redecorate your home?


Today I would like to introduce Kerri from Hey Kerri blog. Her home is Halifax, NS. Where is that? Don't worry. She gives you a list of reasons why you should visit Halifax, NS and all the things she loves about her beautiful city. Kerri is a blogger who has not only recently shared her experience with Tinder (if you're new to online dating, you should definite give this a read!) but she's also made finding her blogging voice look easy and gives great tips on how to use your voice when blogging.
super fab sponsor spotlight

Also, I just had to share that another one of Kerri's favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl. Done deal. Sold. I'm equally as obsessed with Gossip Girl. Every girl needs a Chuck Bass in her life.