Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Listed Tuesdays: Personal Days

It's been a while since I've joined Erica Jacqueline for a Listed Tuesdays link up.  I was scheduling guest posts when I realized, I need to write a post of my own. When I sat down to write, I had writer's block. Solution? A link up. I blame the lounging around the house the past four days for the lack of inspiration. I have been enjoying time off from work, but usually when I'm off I'm out of town actually having a vacation, which had me thinking - what do people do on their personal days?

listed tuesdays: productivity

1. Run errands. I fully support taking a personal day to get run your errands. I had a list piling up of things I had to get done but couldn't find a way to do them all during my lunch hour. (I don't like running errands during my lunch. I love my food. The only time I make an exception to pass up lunch is to get a manicure or do some reading at the park.) I needed to make a stop at the dry cleaner's, wash my car, go to Sephora. Yes, that's important. Sometimes I forget to buy new makeup that by the time I realize it, I have to buy $100 worth of makeup.

2. Treat yourself. I never have time for a mani/pedi. If anything, I have time for a quick manicure during my lunch but that usually means I'm starving at work. Personal days are great for setting up an appointment at the nearest nail salon to pamper yourself. Or better yet, set an appointment with your hair stylist! For me, I have split ends and my highlights are no longer highlights so it was time to get my hair done.

3. Get ahead. I like to use this time to not just catch up on some readings but get ahead on my school work. You just never know what new projects or commitments may come up that will cause you to fall behind in other areas. You can never be too prepared.

4. Go on a cleaning spree. Lately I have been bad at keeping everything clean and tidy. I am never home so the clothes pile up and the furniture gets dusty. Its pretty bad. Not only did I go on a cleaning spree these past few days but I also bought new thin hangers to make more room in my closet and reorganize a little.

5. Go to the movies. The best time to go to the movies is during the week in the daytime. Everybody is at work or at school, so you most likely will get the whole theatre to yourself.

6. Schedule all your doctor appointments in one day. Ok, maybe not all your doctor appointments but at least two. You mind as well knock some of them out at once. That yearly teeth cleaning at the dentist that you've been avoiding? Yeah, you should just book that and get it over with.

7. Yoga for relaxation. Get rid of all that tension and stress by signing up for an early morning yoga session to start your day. I used to like to sleep in on my personal days but I find that to be very unproductive. I would much rather wake up early, disconnect myself from the world for 90 minutes and enjoy hot yoga, and then pass out because it's so hot and I usually regret it 5 minutes into the session BUT you will feel so much better afterwards. I promise.

How do you spend your day off?


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