Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Must Watch Fall TV Shows

must watch fall tv shows

Is it just me or do all the good shows air in the Fall? I feel like I’ve had nothing good to watch lately, other than Pretty Little Liars but that ended in the summer for a little break until later on in the Fall. There are a few Fall TV shows that I am looking forward to.

MTV’s Awkward is coming back. Honestly, I completely forgot about that show and where it left off, but now that MTV keeps showing all these previews for it, I’m excited again. Will Jenna get back with Matty? Is that girl really pregnant? (Doubt it!) I'm pretty sure this show is the only show I watch on MTV.

Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars started yesterday. The cast is alright. I’m only excited about a few. (WARNING: If you’re not caught up with Pretty Little Liars, stop reading. PLL spoiler alert.) But, even though Mona was sadly killed off PLL, we get to see Janel Parrish dancing with Val Chmerkovskiy (the nice Chmerkovisky, not the one who hates life) on DWTS now.  Also, how cool is it to see a YouTube star on DWTS? Congrats to Bethany Mota! I'm excited to see her on the show, too. She seemed extremely nervous but that's understandable going from filming vlogs in your bedroom to performing on live television.

The Walking Dead has been MIA from my life. Come back to me! It’s been way too long. Although, after seeing the preview for the upcoming season, I’m not too sure how excited I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love TWD but this season may just be an annoying one for me. I thought we were done with the whole fighting with humans instead of the walkers. I thought we would be done with that after the Governor was killed off but it looks like it’s back to that.

And finally, my all-time favorite show in the history of all TV shows - Grey’s Anatomy. I feel like it’s been years since the last season aired. I am having major Grey’s Anatomy withdrawals. Even though the show won’t be the same with Cristina Yang, I cannot wait to see how Owen will be without Cristina, and if Derek and Meredith will leave Seattle Grace. They better stay together but knowing Shonda Rhimes, I don't know.

Other shows I'm looking forward to but I'm way too far behind to even bother catching up: New Girl, American Horror Story and Nashville.

What Fall TV shows are you excited for?

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