Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals

Hello, November. Nice to see you have finally arrived. I am feeling that chilly weather. I am seeing Christmas decorations everywhere. I am seeing my Pinterest newsfeed filled with holiday pins. Of course, November also means the semester is winding down and next thing you know, it's finals week. I cannot believe that by this time next year I will be getting ready to graduate. Setting these monthly goals (when I can) has made life so much easier. It really gives me something to look forward to and work towards for personal growth. Since I skipped last month's goals, I want to really tackle this month's goals. 


Revamp "about me" page. I am extremely disappointed in myself for not having completed this goal already. It is something that has been on my monthly goals list for the past three months. It's one of those projects that was started, just never finished. I'm hoping to get that updated this month. 

Brainstorm blog posts. I will admit that I have not been the best blogger the past few weeks. I have been enjoying starting a new chapter and spending time with loved ones. It's been an emotional year and making time to see family has been a top priority for me lately. But, after letting things get a little slow around the blog has me missing it. I have so many blog posts in my drafts that I am ready to share with you all this month, and more.  


Revisiting my savings plans. I was inspired by one of my sponsors, Rebecca from Renovating Rebecca. Her saving plans post had me thinking: have I met my 2014 goal to reduce debt? Is there room for growth in my savings plan? With the recent job change, I want to make sure the extra earnings are being spent wisely. I have credit card debt I want to reduce. I have a savings account I want to seeing grow in preparation for the future. I have the unavoidable student loans that I need to start facing.  November will be filled with number crunching. Christmas presents will have to be from the heart. 

More meal prepping, less eating out. The biggest adjustment changing jobs has been learning how to stick to a lunch budget, and a Starbucks budget. There's a Starbucks on-site meaning I am constantly reloading my Starbucks card. There is also nothing but fast food in the area. I want to set a weekly meal plan to avoid spending money.


Clean out mail. I am guilty of letting my unopened mail pile up on my nightstand. But at least I pay on my bills on time. I need to sort through all the mail, toss out all unused coupons and go paperless.

Organize filing system. I am one of those people that saves all receipts, medical bills, statements, etc. but lately I have been letting it get out of control. The filing bin literally has papers sticking out everywhere and there is not way I could find anything I were looking for. I want to organize it before tax season sneaks up on me.

What are your goals for November?

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