Proposal Story

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know by now that February 10, 2015 wasn't just our six year anniversary but also the day Joseph proposed to me. While it was no surprise that we were planning on taking our relationship to the next step, because we had talked about it for a while already, I was still surprised. I never in a million years would have thought that he would be proposing to me on campus, where we first met six years ago.

With it being our anniversary, the work day went by extra slow because I was anxious to celebrate with him after work. As 5 p.m. got closer and closer, I still had no idea what he had planned for us and I hadn't heard from him all day. 15 minutes til, two of my coworkers kept me a little late after work to help them with a few things. My boss then called one of my coworkers asking if anybody was left in the office to help her rescue a stray dog that was in front of the school. (That was their way of tricking me.) We grab our things and make our way downstairs to the front of the school and as soon as I open the giant wooden doors of school, I see my family waiting at the fountain and my first reaction is, "Oh my God." Right then and there, I knew.

My sister took my bag and walked me to this beautiful gazebo that is on campus, beautifully decorated. (Thanks to my mom, sister and his little brother.) As soon as I saw him, I practically power walked my way to him, hoping I wouldn't trip, met his little brother halfway and then continued my way to him. After that, it was all a blur. It happened so fast. John Legend's "Ordinary People" instrumental was playing. He gave me his speech (that I don't remember because I was too busy crying/smiling/shocked) and before he got down on one knee, he showed me the ring that was on a red rose inside a glass case like in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

I am beyond blessed to have such a loving family, friends, and coworkers. I cannot wait to start planning the big wedding. I will most likely be pinning wedding pins all weekend long on Pinterest. And of course, happy six year anniversary to my FIANCE! By far the best anniversary present. :) And a huge thanks to my coworkers and sister for taking a million photos of this special day.